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EMERGENYC alumni include award-winning playwrights, curators, directors, choreographers, filmmakers, grantmakers, university faculty, arts administrators, healers, educators, and multidisciplinary artists. Many continue to collaborate with each other and with faculty long beyond the program—they’ve formed collectives, created artist residencies, directed each other in plays, made music together, taught together, and (as seen in their testimonials) been fearless together. Below are some of the folks in this love-fueled network of 300+ people.  

Browse alumni by cohort year.

2023 Flagship Cohort

Adin Lenahan

Adin Lenahan, 2023 Flagship

Adin Lenahan, 2023   Adin Lenahan (they/them) is a writer and performer. Adin makes art about losers, the kinds of people who can’t even pull it together to make themselves look cool on Instagram, but whose depth of experience could fill a million feeds and timelines. Their work has been

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Alice Anonymous

Alice Anonymous, 2023 Flagship

Alice Anonymous, 2023 Alice Anonymous is a New York City-based multi-disciplinary human and Internet-user. Anonymous first began working in video and performance at Wellesley College, using the mainstays of contemporary “feminist” art practices to dissect the visual processes of mercy and power. Synthesizing poetry’s immaterial quality with performance and video, 

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Ana Anu

Ana Anu, 2023 Flagship

Ana Anu, 2023 Ana Anu (She/They) is an author and multi-media artist. Their work, centering eco feminism, has manifested in two books of poetry and a portfolio of installations across mediums. Anu’s work has collected in exhibitions, installations and public performances internationally. Their background in Environmental Consulting closely informs their

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Brynne O’Rourke, 2023 Flagship

Brynne O’Rourke, 2023 Brynne O’Rourke (they/them) is a white, transfemme director, theatre practitioner, teaching artist and poet. As a theatre practitioner, Brynne commits themself to stories that challenge and expand definitions of performance in ways that uplift the project of liberation and support the development of critical consciousness and action.

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Christopher Bisram

Chris Bisram, 2023 Flagship

Chris Bisram, 2023 Chris Bisram is an Indo-Caribbean Multidisciplinary Artist with a primary focus in dance and theater. Bisram completed a work-study and summer intensive at Greenspace, a dance studio in Queens. They have performed in the Fertile Ground Showcase at Greenspace, and City of Forest Day, hosted by IDig2Learn,

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Evan Frazier, 2023 Flagship

Evan Simone Frazier, 2023 Evan Simone Frazier is an interdisciplinary artist from Long Island, NY. Evan is trained in Musical Theater and Meisner acting – her stage credits include Ragtime (Axelrod Theater), The Cake (The Philipstown Theater). In 2021, she received an MFAIA from Goddard College, where she developed a

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Hunter Petree 2023

Hunter Petree, 2023 Flagship

laura Hunter petree, 2023 Hunter is a creator, performer, and writer making work about the foundational stories of whiteness and ‘America’. Hunter builds alternate concurrent realities to satisfy humans’ innate ‘fourth drive’, or desire to alter consciousness. Hunter graduated with performance-related honors from Stanford University and Queen Mary University of

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Katherine Bahena-Benitez

Katherine Bahena-Benítez, 2023 Flagship

Katherine Bahena-Benítez, 2023 Katherine Bahena-Benitez (They/Them/Elle) is a Queer Mexican Indigenous actor, poet, dancer, stage manager and model. Katherine is bicoastal with New York and California. Katherine studied at CSUS and has had the pleasure of performing and training with the American Conservatory Theater, 24 Hour Plays, the Eugene O’Neill

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Kelsey Sky

Kelsey Sky, 2023 Flagship

Kelsey Sky, 2023 Kelsey Sky (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist, a public school teacher in training, and a cultural anthropology Ph.D. candidate at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Across all her endeavors, Kelsey’s work is inspired by Sylvia Wynter’s call for a “re-enchanted humanism” and

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Kristen Holfeuer, 2023 Flagship

Kristen Holfeur, 2023 Kristen Holfeuer is an actor and director from Saskatchewan now based in Brooklyn. She is pursuing her PhD in Performance Studies at NYU. Her theatrical practice includes dynamic physical vocabularies, political and social satire, and is concerned with themes of friendship, devotion, and ecological justice.

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Kristian Sorensen, 2023 Flagship

Kristian Sorensen, 2023 Kristian Sorensen is a queer multi-hyphenate from Southern California pursuing artistic work that holds space for critical dialogue and action incubation, while maintaining a deep commitment to embodied playfulness. Kristian teaches theatre and devising workshops with young people all over NYC, writes poetry and plays, mixes music,

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Madison O'Halloran

Madi O’Halloran, 2023 Flagship

Madi O’Halloran, 2023 Madi O’Halloran (she/they), hails from Morningside Heights, New York City, Lenape Land. A movement practitioner, performer, researcher, abolitionist feminist, and witch, Madi understands dance to be a powerful tool for imagining and gesturing toward liberatory futures based in mutual care, pleasure, and curiosity. Their practice is grounded

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Mikah Baumrin-Daniels

Mikah Baumrin-Daniels, 2023 Flagship

Mikah Baumrin-Daniels, 2023 Mikah Baumrin-Daniels (she/they) is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus in dance and performance. Their practice leans towards somatic and emotional movements while navigating humor and illusions in the diasporic and mundane. Their work is centered in collaboration, connection, and searches for the pleasures to be found

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miscelvnea, 2023 Flagship

miscelvnea, 2023 miscelvnea (they/she, it) (elle, elli/ellu) is a Boriké-born multimedia and interdisciplinary artist whose work mainly integrates image, text, performance and spirituality informed by an academic background in History, Caribbean and Gender studies. Mother and collaborator to Haus of Vanguardia, a collective of queer artists striving for the liberation

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Néstor Pérez-Molière

Néstor Pérez-Molière, 2023 Flagship

Néstor Pérez-Molière, 2023 Néstor Pérez-Molière was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, currently residing in The Bronx. His art entails a process of self-discovery; a series of confessionals revealing private conflicts; hoping towards catharsis. Through this cathartic process he hopes to connect with the viewer’s struggles and depathologize

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Resham Mantri, 2023 Flagship

Resham Mantri, 2023 Resham Mantri is a queer, first generation Indian-American interdisciplinary artist, writer, death doula and single co-parent seeking liberation and pleasure through practicing vulnerability, exploring lineage, dismantling socialized notions of self, and deathwork. They explore these ideas across mediums including installations, essays, photos, podcasting, Instagram, written interviews, vintage

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Robert Gibbons

Robert Anthony Gibbons, 2023 Flagship

Robert Anthony Gibbons, 2023 Robert Anthony Gibbons is author of Close to the Tree” (Three Rooms Press, 2012) and “Flight” (Poets Wear Prada, 2019). He was nominated for the Pushcart in 2022 by Great Weather for Media for his poem, ” a self taught genius.” He has been published in

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Samira Mendoza, 2023 Flagship

Samira Mendoza, 2023 Samira Mendoza is a transdisciplinary performance artist, visual artist, curator, and educator based in Brooklyn. Their work centers improvisation through different mediums including sound, sculpture, organizing, and movement to investigate oppressive systems, familial history in Latin America and the Caribbean, and my personal experiences growing up in

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Star Mitchell 2023

Star Mitchell, 2023 Flagship

Star Mitchell, 2023 Star Mitchell is a Celestial force descended from the sun and the moon’s love. A Brooklyn based artist using natural elements to connect to their ancestors and rebuild narratives that provide a gentle approach to healing.   Star uses movement/multimedia as a further expression of our inner being.

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Wow Quisqueya

Wow Quisqueya, 2023 Flagship

Wow Quisqueya, 2023 Wow Quisqueya (they/them) is a Brooklyn born and bred multidimensional artist who specializes in making their most intimate feelings and hardships less scary. Their visual art is often colorful and texturized and aligned or accompanied by poetry, thoughts and/or sounds. They are a Peer Leader at Recess

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2023 Virtual Cohort


Dragonfly, 2023 Virtual

Dragonfly (Robin LaVerne Wilson), 2023 Virtual Dragonfly is also Robin LaVerne Wilson [and alter ego Miss Justice Jester]–multidisciplinary conceptual trickster artist who alchemizes spectacle, ritual, text, visuals, music and activism to educate, [re]create and [re]store the human archive. I also vacillate between first- and third-person in my bio and accept

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Inés de Arce, 2023 Virtual

Inés de Arce, 2023 Virtual Inés de Arce (she/her, ella) is a Spanish-Argentinian actress and creator based in Madrid, Spain. With a long experience in theater, Inés is now looking to examine the ways in which her identities as an Andalusian, bisexual woman who’s the daughter of an immigrant can

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A woman sits on a theater floor, pointing at something or someone. Behind her full head of curly, dark hair, a green piece of paper reads "Nunca" (Never, in Spanish).

Jimena Navas, 2023 Virtual

Jimena Navas, 2023 Virtual Jimena Navas is a multidisciplinary human being. After ten years fighting the patriarchy and its institutions as a social worker in Argentina, she set out on a five-year journey of personal and professional deconstruction in the search for inner peace. From the rubble, her visual craft

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Karley Wasaff, 2023 Virtual

Karley Wasaff, 2023 Virtual Karley Wasaff is a non-binary and pansexual movement artist based in NYC. Karley’s current choreography incorporates compositional improvisation scores to evoke the spontaneity of genuine un-adulterated human interaction. Karley views this process as a way to bring radical awareness to Karley’s identity: gender binary and choreography

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Larissa Jeanniton, 2023 Virtual

Larissa Jeanniton, 2023 Virtual Larissa is a Haitian American, 27-year-old Taurus with a heart and soul for political theater. Her acting and directing career has taken her to several theaters in NYC, Thailand, Switzerland, and several UN conferences. Her work primarily focuses on the liberation of thought from the many

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Leah Shelley

Leah Shelley, 2023 Virtual

Leah Shelley, 2023 Virtual Leah Shelley is a performance artist and writer based in Wisconsin. They are currently interested in the magic of brief imperfections. They are also interested in turning an eye onto what they are afraid of (whiteness, gender non-conformity) and trying to (or trying not to) tell

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Lorena Pipa, 2023 Virtual

Lorena Pipa, 2023 Virtual Lorena Pipa is a Brazilian multimedia artist who studied Image and Sound Design at University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She works at the intersection of performance, video, photography, music, object, and installation. Her work crosses the boundaries between image and sound, generating sensorial relationships between body,

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Lucy Phillips, 2023 Virtual

Lucy Phillips, 2023 Virtual I am a grieving person, by default I am an artist. Searching for my own autonomy in images and websites and machines that create and tell me who I am. How do I pull apart from it? I am an artist. I test how we commodify

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Manuel Lopez, 2023 Virtual

Manuel Lopez, 2023 Virtual From far Far Rockaway to the Catskill Mountains, Manuel E. “Manny” Lopez is fluttering about blossoms not only of his/their own hand-aided germination, but amidst daffodils and daisies dug down deep by schoolkids of the Manhattan Country School. Before the ides of March when we found

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Mario Lamothe

Mario Lamothe, 2023 Virtual

Mario Lamothe, 2023 Virtual Mario LaMothe is a Haitian-American performance artist, curator, and scholar. He was a 2021-22 Links Hall Co-Mission resident (Chicago) and a 2022 emerging choreographer in the Atlas program in Vienna’s ImPulsTanz International Dance Festival. His curations and performances have been hosted and funded by Duke University,

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Nrzagaray, 2023 Virtual

Nrzagaray, 2023 Virtual Nrzagaray (Culiacán, Sinaloa, 1998) is a multi-disciplinary artist and Audio Visual Arts and Communication student at Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente, Jalisco, México. His artistic development is born from the necessity to explore his identity, the wounds that cross him and his relation to others.

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Pati Cruz Martinez

Pati Cruz Martínez, 2023 Virtual

Pati Cruz Martínez, 2023 Virtual Born cuir (queer) and brought up catholic in the colonized archipelago of Borikén (Puerto Rico). The catholic slowly disappeared, the cuir stuck around. Spent a few years in New York (Bachelor of Arts at Vassar College, 2008-2012), then another few years in Cuba (Film Directing

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Saul Villegas, 2023 Virtual

Saul Villegas (The Sun), 2023 Virtual Saul Villegas (The Sun) is a First-Year MFA student in the Future Stages cohort in the Digital Arts & New Media program at UCSC. Using art to create a revolving system from the mental, physical, and virtual environment, he invites people to participate in

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Sól Casique

Sól Casique, 2023 Virtual

Sól Casique, 2023 Virtual Sól Casique (they/elle) is an undocumented Venezuelan and Colombian creative living in D.C. on Piscataway Conoy Lands. They come to Emerge through a joint residency with House of Alegría. They exist within the gender fckery and immortality of fungi and lichen and the interconnectedness of celestial

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Sophia Heinecke 2023 Virtual

Sophia Valera Heinecke, 2023 Virtual

Sophia Valera Heinecke, 2023 Virtual Sophia Valera Heinecke (she/her) is a writer for the screen and stage as well as a dramaturg, archivist, and creative consultant. Her play Trash Lord: Renovation is a semi-finalist for the 2023 National Playwrights Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. While she is a very

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2022 Flagship Cohort

Autumn Newcomn

Autumn Newcomb, 2022

Autumn Newcomb, 2022 Autumn Newcomb is a funkadelic multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a radical joy resister, a modern day dadaist, and a proud, queer, Mexican American. She uses color, humor and optimism to fight the power and promote self love through a variety of mediums including

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Aviya Hernstadt, 2022

Aviya Hernstadt, 2022 Aviya is a New York-Jewish multidisciplinary performance artist working primarily in movement, autobiography, comedy, and sculptural installation. She deconstructs Jewish rituals, traditions, and stories in hopes to dig out their contemporary, diasporic, queer, apocalypse-surviving, and anti-racist contexts. She has performed in collaboration with Carmen Caceres DanceAction, Yehuda

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Catherine Chen, 2022

Catherine Chen, 2022 Catherine Chen is a poet and performer living in Brooklyn. They are the author of the chapbook Manifesto, or: Hysteria (Big Lucks, 2019) and the forthcoming full-length collection Beautiful Machine Woman Language (Noemi Press, 2023). They have been awarded fellowships and residencies from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council,

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Cristina Bartley Dominguez

Cristina Bartley Dominguez, 2022

Cristina Bartley Domínguez, 2022 Cristina is a Mexican-American multidisciplinary artist based in New York. Her practice centers on the reconstruction of myths into icons of progress through the unraveling of memory and movement to negotiate the relationship between the US and Mexico. She uses movement and world-building as a way

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Josiah Vasquez

Josiah Vasquez, 2022

Josiah Vasquez, 2022 Josiah Vasquez (he/they) is an alum of Tufts University’s Class of 2020, having graduated with a Bachelor’s in Drama with a minor in Music. As a Bronx-born, non-binary, and Afro-Latinx performer, Josiah specializes in theatrical performance (having credits from Columbia University and Prospect Theatre Company), but has

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Jovon Outlaw

Jovon Outlaw, 2022

Jovon Outlaw, 2022 Jovon Outlaw (they/he) is a Bronx-born and raised interdisciplinary artist. They specialize in cinematography, performance art, and writing. Jovon looks to reexamine generational traumas through a comedic lens, adding video and lo-fi technology to the stage. Jovon’s films have appeared at SXSW and Jacob Burns Film Center.

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kc jackperson, 2022

kc jackperson, 2022

kc jackperson, 2022 kc jackperson is a dance and movement artist in new york city. for kc dance is a means of communication and a tool for intervention in social practice. their work is a conversation in movement which explores themes of identity, belonging/unbelonging, community, and the expansion of binaries.

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Maira Duarte

Maira Duarte, 2022

Maira Duarte, 2022 Maira Duarte, a Mexican New York-based artist, educator, and organizer, champions non-hierarchical artistic exchange through Dance To The People (DTTP), an evolving collective created in 2015. DTTP has created choreographed pieces and organized community forums, workshops, public practices, environmental movement research, and performance parties, all donation-based and

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Mobéy Lola Irizarry, 2022

Mobéy Lola Irizarry, 2022

Mobéy Lola Irizarry, 2022 Mobéy Lola Irizarry (they/she) is a genderqueer composer, improviser, multi-instrumentalist, and transdisciplinary artist. Based in Brooklyn, they hail from the Puerto Rican diaspora in Hartford, CT, and are a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation. She makes within the lineages of decolonial uprisings, collections of tiny mirrors

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Naisha Solomon

Naisha Solomon, 2022

Naisha Solomon, 2022 Naisha Solomon is a Trinbagonian singer-songwriter, sonic archivist and Caribbean scholar living and working in Brooklyn as a Community Organizer. Her practice explores Afro-Caribbean music genres, dance, storytelling and other modes of performance in relation to colonial resistance. Her motivation to emancipate the unheard or concealed has

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Parker White

Parker White, 2022

Honey Bundy / Parker White, 2022 Honey Bundy/Parker White (he/him) is a genderqueer trans man and drag artist based in NYC. Originally from Pittsburgh, Honey has only recently started his drag journey, but has been a lifelong multidisciplinary artist who draws inspiration from all corners of life. Horror, camp, occultism,

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Yali Romagoza

Yali Romagoza, 2022

Yali Romagoza, 2022 Yali Romagoza (she/her) is a Cuban-born multidisciplinary artist currently based in Queens, NY. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Fashion, Body, and Garment from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago (2016) and a BA in Art History from the University of Havana, Cuba. Her

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2022 Virtual Cohort

Aitor Gil Flores

Aitor Gil Flores, 2022 Virtual

Aitor Gil Flores, 2022 Virtual Aitor Gil Flores (he/she/they) is a non-binary person currently finding their way and and place in the world. A young stylist, tattoo artist, and illustrator based in Barcelona, Aitor is developing his path as an artist, which began during childhood through acting and visual arts.

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Alexa Vasquez, 2022 Virtual

Alexa Vasquez, 2022 Virtual Alexa Vasquez is a Pisces, a writer and artist from Oaxacalifornia. Her visual artworks are inspired by her birthplace, Oaxaca. She comes to Emerge through a joint residency with House of Alegría. Her writings are memories of growing up in an immigrant household, leaving home, transitioning

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Arantxa Araujo, 2017 Flagship, 2022 Virtual

Arantxa Araujo, 2022-Virtual (and 2017 Flagship) Arantxa Araujo is a Mexican artist with a background in neuroscience. Her work is essentially multidisciplinary, feminist, meditative and rooted in bio-behavioral research and technology. Her work has been shown in the Brooklyn Museum, at the Radical Women LatinAmerican Art Exhibit, Leslie-Lohman Museum, Grace

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Ching-In Chen, 2022 Virtual

Ching-In Chen, 2022 Virtual Ching-In Chen is a genderqueer Chinese American hybrid writer, community organizer and teacher. They are author of The Heart’s Traffic and recombinant (winner of the 2018 Lambda Literary Award for Transgender Poetry) as well as the chapbooks to make black paper sing and Kundiman for Kin

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Dimple Shah, 2022 Virtual

Dimple Shah, 2022 Virtual Dimple Shah is a transdisciplinary performance and printmaking artist from Bangalore, India. Her work grapples with humanitarian concerns, equality, justice reaction, and emotive responses borne out of her first-hand experiences of religious communal riots and clashes, women’s safety issues, suppressions, and ecological and environmental concerns in

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Dora Selva, 2022 Virtual

Dora Selva, 2022 Dora Selva is an interdisciplinary artist based in Rio de Janeiro. With Brazilian and Honduran descent, works with dance, performance and visual arts. Dora is also the creator of the Viva Pelve project, a multifaceted that involves workshops, regular practices, artistic processes, sound research and content creation.

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Ikpemesi O

Ikpemesi Ogundare, 2022 Virtual

Ikpemesi O, 2022 Virtual Ikpemesi O (she/her/hers) is a Nigerian-American musician, artist and performer. She loves exploring the world through vocal music, poetry and spoken word. A community builder to the core, her art explores the human experience through the lens of finding joy in the little things while critically

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Ivonne Navas Dominguez, 2022 Virtual

Ivonne Navas Domínguez, 2022 Virtual Ivonne is a multidisciplinary artist from Cali, Colombia, based in Mexico since 2010. She uses performance as a vehicle to create experiences that question our human existence, reflecting on being present, and on the endurance and vulnerability of our nature. Her Experimental Creation Laboratories—which include

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Jaguar Mary X, 2022 Virtual

Jaguar Mary X, 2022 Virtual Jaguar Mary X is a glossolalia vocalist, ritual performance artist and mover, practicing since 1991, making work informed by queer and black feminist discourse, afro-futurisms, plant sentience and shamanism.Their films, video installations and performances have shown in festival and gallery settings globally. Their work was

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Júpiter, 2022 Virtual

Júpiter, 2022 Virtual Júpiter is a transdisciplinary artist, mother, social change agent, and educator from Puerto Rico. She is a neurodiverse non-binary femme whose practice includes performance, street theater, and puppetry.  Júpiter has worked with Circo de la Plaza, Taller Libertá, and BembaPR on political, cultural, artistic movements in the

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Marilou Mariko Carrera, 2022 Virtual

Marilou Mariko Carrera, 2022 Virtual Marilou Mariko Carrera (they/siyá*/she) is a queer Filipinx-Japanese cultural worker participating from the area called Chicago on Odawa, Ojibwe, and Potawatomi lands. As an emerging artist with roots in health, organizing, and advocacy, Marilou Mariko is finally comfortable in the home they call body. While

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Monet Clark, 2022 Virtual

Monet Clark, 2022 Virtual Monet Clark is an eco-feminist and performance based video and photographic artist, curator, and professional psychic. Her wryly humorous performance characters and costumes are inspired by subculture, pop-culture, superheroes, marginalized groups, history, and more. Her works address sexual stereotypes, objectification, cultural taboos, ritual, and nature’s sentience,

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Nina Terra, 2022 Virtual

Nina Terra, 2022 Virtual Nina Terra is a Brazilian artist-therapist who lives in the city of Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After earning a degree in psychology, she studied dance technique with Angel Vianna, and specializes in Pedagogy of Cooperation and Collaborative Methodologies. Nina is the creator of such practices

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Raquel Karro, 2022 Virtual

Raquel Karro, 2022 Virtual Raquel Karro is an actress, director, choreographer, teacher of performing arts, pilates instructor and former trapeze artist. She graduated in dance from Faculdade Angel Vianna and in circus from Escola Nacional de Circo, both in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her trajectory in the arts is marked

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Rosina Ivanova, 2022 Virtual

Rosina Ivanova, 2022 Virtual Rosina Ivanova works in community art, public art, ecological actions, performance art, and experimental writing. She holds an MFA from the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (Norway) and a Master in Creative Practice from the Transart Institute (Berlin/New York) via the Community Scholarship. In 2017, the

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viento izquierdo ugaz, 2022 Virtual

viento izquierdo ugaz, 2022 Virtual viento izquierdo ugaz is a multidisciplinary artist, cultural organizer, educator & language justice worker based between Lima & New York. Their work considers the effect of migration on the visual language of their lineage, and how this lexicon permeates their queer & trans chosen family

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2021 Cohort

Angelica Monteiro

Angelica Monteiro, 2021

Angelica Monteiro, 2021 Angelica Monteiro (she/her) is a storyteller, educator, and movement artist from the Brazilian Amazon. Her art comes from the complexity of growing up between the rainforest and the urban landscape while also crossing continental borders. She combines movements from the umbrella of street dances, Amazonian traditions, visionary

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Candace Hudert Headshot

Candace Hudert, 2021

Candace Hudert, 2021 Candace Hudert (any pronouns) is a multidisciplinary mess-maker and artist from Richmond, VA. From creating video games, to directing theatre, to writing for animation and more, his work is clown and queer. It aims to stretch the world into something more caring, more attentive, more curious, more

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Carolina Teixeira

Carolina Teixeira, 2021

Carolina Teixeira, 2021 Carolina Teixeira is a Brazilian artist, performer, and political activist. She is a disabled woman and her work concerns the phenomenon of Disability as a political instrument of art and resistance. The anti-forms, the bodiedness collapse, and the politics of access are the artistic context of her

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Christian Cruz

Christian Cruz, 2021

Christian Cruz, 2021 Christian Cruz is a conceptual artist, educator, and independent arts writer. Cruz is the creator of Dallas Performance Art Index and of Artist Mama Fund. In 2021, she was awarded grants from NALAC, PAAL, Aurora Dallas, and the Foundation for Contemporary Arts. She’s currently in residence with

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Cristobal Guerra, 2021

Cristóbal Guerra, 2021

Cristóbal Guerra, 2021 Cristóbal Guerra (he/they) is an interdisciplinary artist from San Juan, PR. With a background in film and screenwriting, his current work fluctuates between or combines photography, video and text seeking to create and explore inner multiplicities, drawing from a Caribbean upbringing and a queer political identity. IG

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Dahlia Li

Dahlia Li, 2021; Guest Faculty 2023

Dahlia Li, 2021; Guest Faculty 2023 Dahlia Li (she/her) is an artist and writer currently completing a PhD at the University of Pennsylvania in the Department of English with certificates from the Programs in Cinema and Media Studies and Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies. Her dissertation, Caress without Body: Stranded Affect,

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Emma Pattison, 2021

Emma Pattison, 2021 Emma Pattison is a queer multi-disciplinary artist, primarily working with dance and video. Their practice currently explores issues at the intersections of gender, queerness, healthcare injustice, and diet culture. Previously, they led Variety Pack Collective, a choreographic project in NYC. IG @emmmoves

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Garrett Sager

Garrett Sager, 2021

Garrett Sager, 2021 Garrett Sager (a.k.a. Melissabeth) (he/they/she) is a multidisciplinary artist with roots in theater and cabaret. His work often explores topics like pop culture and identity, queer time, and the creation of new genders via performance. Garrett is currently a member of the inaugural M.A. in Human Rights

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Jasmine Hayden

Jasmine Hayden, 2021

Jasmine Hayden, 2021 Jasmine is a queer Black, Mexican Indigenous multidisciplinary artist, healer, social equity facilitator & consultant, and soul embodied leadership coach. She embraces co-creative multidimensionality and expresses her artistry through singing, dance, modeling, acting, directing, and film production, fusing genres & styles into cultural artifacts of celebration, empowerment,

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Jason Wang

Jason Wang, 2021

Jason Wang, 2021 Jason Wang (they/he) is a Queer Chinese-American playwright, actor, and game developer from Queens, NY. He is currently wrapping up his education at NYU Tisch Drama’s Playwrights Horizons Theater School. Their EmergeNYC project was “Ranked Choice Dating”- a video game where you can attempt to get down

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John Gutierrez

John Maria Gutierrez, 2021; Research Fellow 2023

John Maria Gutierrez, 2021; Reaearch Fellow 2023 John Maria Gutierrez is a multidisciplinary artist who performs on screen and stage nationally and internationally. From Washington Heights, a hood of NYC, his/their works weave movement, music, singing in English and Spanish, and experimental theater to unwind a complex urban disparity brought

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Jordan Elizabeth Reed, 2021

Jordan Elizabeth Reed, 2021 Jordan Elizabeth Reed is an Afro-Indigenous-Boricua theater, burlesque, and performance artist based in Brooklyn, NY. Since childhood, she has been a lover of art, singing, and performing. Originally from Western Mass, she is a 2017 graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst with a BA in

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Julia Rocha-Nava, 2021

Julia Rocha-Nava, 2021 Julia Rocha-Nava (they/them/ellx), who performs under the artist name Chispa, is a non-binary first-generation chicanx vocalist, producer, and multi-instrumentalist. They grew up surrounded by mountains that turn purple at sunset, in unceded Tongva territory known today as Lincoln Heights, Los Angeles. They are currently based in Lenape

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June Ting

june yuen ting, 2021

june yuen ting, 2021 june yuen ting dreams of another world that is already here—a world, or worlds that are so expansive, so abundant, and so immanent that the confines of colonial capitalist modernity cannot hold. june dances, organizes, agitates, and grieves. they want for all the descendants of european

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Kelindah Bee

Kelindah bee Schuster, 2021

Kelindah bee Schuster, 2021 Kelindah bee Schuster (they/them) is a nonbinary educator and drag performance artist known as “Theydy Bedbug” who grew up in Singapore and Indonesia. They lead a cohort-based course at BAX called “Drag Performance: Between and Beyond Gender“, which exposes participants to the lineages of drag performance

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Kevin Bonilla

Kevin Quiles Bonilla, 2021

Kevin Quiles Bonilla, 2021 Kevin Quiles Bonilla is an interdisciplinary artist born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. He explores ideas around power, colonialism, and history with his identity as context. He currently lives and works between Puerto Rico and New York. IG

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Kiyo Gutiérrez, 2021

Kiyo Gutiérrez, 2021 Kiyo Gutiérrez is a Mexican performance artist based in Guadalajara. Ecofeminist, provocative, earthy, and political, she places her body into the ruptures opened up by instability, precarity, and pollution. She also draws on other mediums such as video, dance, poetry, sculpture, and sound. Her art seeks to

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Mariano Ruiz, 2021

Mariano Ruiz, 2021 Mariano Ruiz is a trans nonbinary cabaret artivist from Mexico City. They use humor, pop culture, and satire to talk about Othered bodies and their experiences, creating projects that question the social segregation created by the rejection of identities or sexualities that are outside the “norm.” A

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Mijori Goodwin, 2021

Mijori Goodwin, 2021 Mijori is a multidisciplinary creative focused on healing through sight & sound. As a singer-songwriter, musician, MC, spoken word artist, graphic designer & illustrator, every extension of herself creates spaces for those who have not yet been given the chance to feel. She aims to be a

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olaiya olayemi, 2021

olaiya olayemi, 2021 olaiya olayemi is a blk/trans/femme/womxxxn/anti-disciplinary artist/educator/and organizer who centers womxxxn of the african diaspora in her performative/literary/ cinematic/ and sonic works of art that explore love/sex/relationships/family/history/ memory and radical joy/pleasure. IG @capricorn1089

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Pêdra Costa_2021

Pêdra Costa, 2021

Pêdra Costa, 2021 Pêdra Costa (they/she) is a ground breaking, formative Brazilian, Visual & Urban Anthropologist, Performer and Tarot Reader based in Berlin that utilizes intimacy to connect with collectivity. They work with their body to create fragmented epistemologies of queer communities within ongoing colonial legacies. Their work aims to

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Rodrigo Arenas Carter

Rodrigo Arenas-Carter, 2021

Rodrigo Arenas-Carter, 2021 Rodrigo Arenas-Carter is an arts worker, researcher, migrant, and pansexual. His performance artworks have been exhibited through the Americas, receiving grants and awards, and he is the author of academic essays on performance art. He holds an M.A. in Literature, and is a member of RACA (Red

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Veronica Peña

Verónica Peña, 2021

Verónica Peña, 2021 Verónica Peña is an interdisciplinary artist and independent curator from Spain based in the United States. Her work explores the themes of absence, separation, and the search for harmony through Performance Art. Peña is interested in migration policies, cross-cultural dialogue, and women’s empowerment. Recent works include participatory performances

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Yara Colón, 2021

Yara Colón, 2021 Yara Colón is an interdisciplinary voice artist based on ancestral Nonotuck land. Thematically, their work focuses largely on queer intimacies, ritual, diasporic fragmentations, and collective utopic progressions. She believes that all living and non-living beings “have voice”—and in the importance of listening deeply to them. IG @sospechosa808

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2020 Cohort

Amalia Oliva Rojas

Amalia Oliva Rojas, 2020

Amalia Oliva Rojas, 2020 Amalia Oliva Rojas is a Mexican poet, performer, and theater artivist based in Nueva York. Her work centers and archives the stories, myths, and legends told by her family, her community, and fellow immigrant women. Raised by oral storytellers, Amalia strives with her collection of work to leave

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Andrea Ambam

Andrea Ambam, 2020

Andrea Ambam, 2020 Andrea Ambam is an NYC-based artist, actress, and playwright whose roots sprout from Cameroon. As a politically engaged theatre artist who believes in the art’s potential for movement building and transformative justice, her current work centers Black lives and embodied ethnography. She is a 2020 Artist-in-Residence for

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Anel Rakhimzanova

Anel Rakhimzhanova, 2020

Anel Rakhimzanova, 2020 Anel Rakhimzhanova researches neo-colonial surveillance infrastructure and algorithmic discriminatory mechanisms. As a part of EMERGE 2020 cohort, she engaged with the Xinjiang victims database and the violence around evidence creation. She is currently a PhD student in Performance Studies at New York University, focusing on human/technology/capital/labor/ideology movements

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Bloom Osuala

Bloom Osuala, 2020

Bloom Osuala, 2020 Bloom is a multidisciplinary creative activist based in NYC who explores the relationship between systemic oppression, trauma, and emotional abuse among women/woman-identified people in Africana Diaspora. Through song, poetry, and performance, Bloom researches the manifestations of this intersection in the body and in art/creative expression. 

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C. Tai Tai

C. Tai Tai, 2020

C. Tai Tai, 2020 C. Tai Tai (she/her) is a performance and installation artist based in Chicago, with roots in New York and California. Historically, she danced under the name, Tina Wang.Identity, fragility, and resilience are key themes in her work, which draws on her experience as a Taiwanese citizen

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Courtney Fallon

Courtney Frances Fallon, 2020

Courtney Frances Fallon, 2020 Courtney Frances Fallon is a writer, director, artist, and performer living in Brooklyn. Growing up in Buffalo, she identified solely as a writer but her artistic practices expanded with her two first major projects: “You Know This Girl” – a one-person play she wrote, directed, and

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Danyele Brown

Danyele Brown, 2020

Danyele Brown, 2020 Danyele is a Black biracial, transwoman set-maker from Virginia, working at the intersection of performance, social practice, and sculpture. She creates her multidisciplinary, time-based sets by merging and cycling roles as performer, organizer and sculptress. Currently Danyele organizes with For The Gworls around Black trans health and

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Elyla Sinvergüenza / Fredman Barahona, 2020

Elyla Barahona, 2020 Elyla is a cochónx barro-mestiza, a non-binary performance artist and activist. Their work often moves between video-performance, installations, photo-performance, experimental theatre, radical activism and site specific political interventions. Elyla is the first Nicaraguan artist to receive an Emerging Artist grant by the Cisneros Fontanals Art Foundation in

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Fontaine Capel 2020

Fontaine Capel, 2020

Fontaine Capel, 2020 Fontaine Capel is a New York City born-and-based interdisciplinary artist, facilitator, and educator. Capel has presented performances at the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Tiger Strikes Asteroid Chicago, and the Jewish Museum; has exhibited work at galleries and project spaces in the U.S. and abroad; has attended

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Gabriel Torres

Gabriel Torres, 2020

Gabriel Torres, 2020 Gabriel Torres is a Colombian, NYC-based, multidisciplinary artist and community organizer. Gabriel works at the intersection of theatre performance, film and community development. He has directed productions in Colombia, NYC and Hong Kong. During his time at Emerge, Gabriel investigated links between his ancestry and his present

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Irisdelia Garcia

Irisdelia García, 2020

Irisdelia Garcia, 2020 Irisdelia Garcia (she/they) is a Puerto Rican interdisciplinary artist from The Bronx, NY. Her work centers Puerto Rican history, embodiment in gender, colonialism, and digital storytelling. She is a member of Queer and Now’s Digital Cabarets, digital humanities lab IRLHumanities, and a collaborator of La Pocha Nostra.

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Kristen Kelso

Kristen Kelso, 2020

Kristen Kelso, 2020 Kristen Kelso is a performer, translator, theatre director, musician and writer from Savannah, GA based in Brooklyn. As a bilingual artist from a monolingual family, her performance work and research focus on bilingualism and code-switching while exploring the realms of familial archives, mourning and embodied, experimental translation

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Lilach Orenstein

Lilach Orenstein, 2020

Lilach Orenstein, 2020 Lilach Orenstein is a choreographer, performer and producer. She is an Israeli immigrant with Yemeni-Polish-Romanian roots based in New York City. Lilach earned her B.Dance from The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, majoring in choreography, in 2017, and her M.F.A from The University of the Arts,

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Michael Zalta

Michael Zalta, 2020

Michael Zalta, 2020 Michael is a queer Syrian-American Jewish, writer, researcher and playwright interested in the intersections between Media Studies, Arab Cultural Studies, Black Studies, and Human Rights Practice. He is particularly interested in examining the ways in which theories of blackness and indigeneity circulate across various marginalized communities around

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Monica Torres

Monica Torres, 2020

Monica Torres, 2020 Being an eco-feminist artist of Caribbean descent, Torres has been theorizing on the idea of jungle mangroves, coastal archways, and ancient cenotes. She expresses them through the symbolism of her everyday environments, meshing the two together in new and compelling ways. In her work she explores tropes

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Nessa Norich

Nessa Norich, 2020

Nessa Norich, 2020 Nessa Norich (she/they) is a writer, director, producer, creative coach and performer who creates works of comedy and social critique for film and theater. For the past five years, she has dedicated herself to independent filmmaking, building on fifteen years of theatrical production. Nessa is a recipient

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Nína Hjálmarsdóttir

Nína Hjálmarsdóttir, 2020

Nína Hjálmarsdóttir, 2020 Nína Hjálmarsdóttir (she/they) is a performance artist, writer & producer. Her art collective, Sálufélagar, has produced four performances for the stage. She makes and writes about performances of image and identity, often focusing on the Nordic image and Nordic whiteness. She holds an M.A. in Performance Studies

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Susana Plotts-Pineda

Susana Plotts-Pineda, 2020

Susana Plotts-Pineda, 2020 Susana Plotts-Pineda (she/her) is an artist, writer, and translator. Her work touches on cultural identity, revolution, and post-historical debris, by delving into archives and speculative landscapes. She has been published in Kitchen Magazine, Global Performance Studies, Waif Magazine and The Drunken Canal. Her performances and film have

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Valentina Fuerte

Valentina De Roca Fuerte, 2020

Valentina De Roca Fuerte, 2020 Valentina De Roca Fuerte is a sensitive poet, awakening visual artist, workshop facilitator, and creative wellness educator. Born in Bogotá Colombia, raised in the DMV & Washington state, to now living in Harlem; she carries all these places with her. Her words are motivated by

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Wazina Zondon

Wazina Zondon, 2020

Wazina Zondon, 2020 Centering her own identities as both an obstacle and a breakthrough, Wazina generates from the in-between space of insider-outsider. Her process is a hybrid of disciplines to recollect memory and nostalgia through written word, personalized soundscape and the rehearsal of cultural choreographies. As a visual thinker and

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2019 Cohort

EMERGENYC 2019 final performance at Abrons Arts Center. Photo by Dexter Miranda for the Hemispheric Institute.

Ana María Agüero Jahannes, 2019

Ana María Agüero Jahannes, 2019 Ana María Agüero Jahannes is a space-maker, handicrafter, and acrobatic dancer based in Brooklyn and New Orleans who illuminates the potentiality of Black imagination and intelligence. She examines how people worldwide fashion their environments and how that reflects the way they see themselves.  

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Damariz Damken

Damariz Damken, 2019

Damariz Damken, 2019 Damariz Damken is an artivist from the Rio Grande Valley Frontera of South Texas. She graduated from New York University in May 2019 with a concentration in Politics, Rights, and Development and Latin American Studies. Growing up on both sides of the border as a first-generation citizen

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Doménica García

Doménica García, 2019

Doménica García, 2019 Doménica García is an Ecuadorian video and performance artist based in NY. She obtained a BFA in Film at the School of Visual Arts, 2018. Her work dives into a process of introspection, breaking down the personal and discovering the universal. By juxtaposing the radical and the

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Emily Waters

Emily Waters, 2019

Emily Waters, 2019 Emily Waters is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist grounded in a Black theater tradition that explores the roles of witness and testimony in collective and intergenerational healing. In 2020 Emily created a solo-short commissioned by All for One Theater Company and was part of the inaugural cohort of

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Grace Taylor Rae

Grace Taylor Rae, 2019

Grace Taylor Rae, 2019 Grace Taylor Rae is an artist who works in movement, language and form. She graduated from Williams College with a BA in English and Philosophy in 2013. Grace creates through multidimensional linguistics, liberatory geometries and embodied narrative. Her work is guided by frameworks that affirm love,

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Isadora Frost

Isadora Frost, 2019

Isadora Frost, 2019 Isadora Frost (Brasil, 1985) graduated from PUC São Paulo in 2009 with a degree in Performance Art and Dance. In 2014, Frost completed her degree in Fine Arts at The San Francisco Art Institute. In 2018, she received a Masters degree in Photography from Parsons School of

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janet e. dandridge

janet e. dandridge, 2019

janet e. dandridge, 2019 janet e. dandridge is an Interdisciplinary Artivist who encourages awareness and discourse around, as well as solutions to, ideologies that perpetuate injustice.  janet intersplices theatrical performance, photography, empirical data, identity politics, and whimsy into a keen reflection on social constructs and governing policies.  Primarily using performance

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Julha Franz

Julha Franz, 2019

Julha Franz, 2019 Coming from a place of sexual and gender liberation, Julha Franz (Brazil, 1993) pushes boundaries with her own body. Through the language of performance art, she creates new forms of imposed body and social identities. She has been awarded artistic residencies in Venice, Italy, 2017, and Buenos

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Kristel Baldoz, 2019

Kristel Baldoz, 2019

Kristel Baldoz, 2019 Kristel Baldoz (she/her) is a Filipina-American artist from Delano, California, home to the Table Grape Strike. She was a 2019 EmergeNYC fellow at the Hemispheric Institute and artist-in-residence at Tisch/Danspace Residency and the Jonah Boaker Arts Foundation | Chez Buschwick, and a 2020 Brooklyn Art Exchange Space

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KT Pe Benito

KT Pe Benito, 2019

KT Pe Benito, 2019 Faustina KT Pe Benito is a nonbinary queer Filipinx, a Filipino man, and a white woman. They earned a BFA at Cooper Union (2016) and were a recipient of the Osage Nation Higher Education Scholarship. They have exhibited their work in New York City, including group

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Mauricio "Cio" Alexander

Mauricio “Cio” Alexander, 2019

Mauricio “Cio” Alexander, 2019 Mauricio Alexander is a first-generation bilingual artist of Latin American and East European roots. A graduate of Oberlin College and the New York Conservatory for Dramatic Arts, he has performed at the US Social Forum, Kennedy Center, D.C. Hip-Hop Theatre Festival, Puerto Rican Traveling Theatre, Symphony

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Natacha Voliakovsky

Natacha Voliakovsky, 2019

Natacha Voliakovsky, 2019 Natacha Voliakovsky (Buenos Aires, 1988) is a political performance artist, feminist, and activist who has been performing around the world for the last 10 years. Her work revolves around the concept of culture as a humanizing system and the deconstruction of the social body, and raises awareness

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Oceana James

Oceana James, 2019

Oceana James, 2019 Oceana James (she/her) is a St. Croix-born interdisciplinary artist. Her work is an examination/a re-telling/ a re-imagining of her Caribbean indigeneity. It is a commentary on the socio-political, cultural, and economic realities of peoples of African descent. In her work James deconstructs the idea of language as

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Rae De Vine, 2019

Rae De Vine, 2019

Rae De Vine, 2019 Rae (she/they) is an interdisciplinary artist, educator, and cultural worker who engages with the arts primarily as a vehicle for healing and building community. Queer, Black, and Indigenous with Gullah and Caribbean roots, while in EMERGE her research question explored the intersection and convergence of these

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Rebecca Fitton

Rebecca Fitton, 2019

Rebecca Fitton, 2019 Rebecca Fitton (she/they) is from many places. She cultivates community through movement, food, and conversation. Her work in the dance field as an artist-scholar, administrator, and advocate centers arts and culture policy, Asian American communities, and disability justice. Her practice takes shape in studios, classrooms, basements, warehouses,

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Sahar Sepahdari-Dalai

Sahar Sepahdari-Dalai, 2019

Sahar Sepahdari-Dalai, 2019 Sahar Sepahdari-Dalai is an Iranian American video and performance artist. Healing and language are the axes of her practice. She is interested in the metaphorical flux of translation that speaks to diasporic displacement when considering the decolonization of time and space. She is a world-builder and engages

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Shenny de Los Angeles

Shenny de Los Angeles, 2019

Shenny de Los Angeles, 2019 Shenny de Los Angeles is a Dominican-American performance artist. Her work focuses on healing generational trauma, inviting every hurt to free itself into joy. During her time at Emerge, Shenny was researching the Afro Latinx experience in America and Domincan American’s relationship to DR, exploring

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stefa marin alarcon

stefa marin alarcon, 2019

stefa marin alarcon, 2019 stefa marin alarcon is a vocalist, composer and multi-media performance artist born and raised in Queens, NY. Using an amalgamation of punk, experimental pop and classical minimalism with queer ethereal aesthetix and video collages, stefa builds worlds that offer a somatic decolonial respite for the misfits

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2018 Cohort

Alejandro Chellet

Alejandro Chellet, 2018

Alejandro Chellet, 2018 Alejandro Chellet is a multidisciplinary artist and social practitioner in cultural and permacultural networks. He was born in Mexico City raised in a family of artists and performers, he currently lives between Upstate NY where he practices permaculture and NYC-CDMX where he is also a cultural producer

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Ama Be

Ama BE, 2018

Ama BE, 2018 Ama BE (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist exploring dimensions of embodiment through ritual-adjacent performance, digital and screen-based media, She probes porous distinctions between materiality, sentience and memory as it relates to migrations. ​Centering her Ghanaian heritage and American upbringing, she interrogates materials with antithetical ties to hegemonic

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Angela Veronica Wong, 2018

Angela Veronica Wong, 2018 Angela Veronica Wong is a poet, writer, artist, and educator based in NYC. She is the author of elsa: an unauthorized autobiography (Black Radish 2017). Chapbooks include the Poetry Society of America New York Fellowship winning Dear Johnny, In Your Last Letter. Poems have been anthologized

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Arian Nakhaie

Arian Nakhaie, 2018

Arian Nakhaie, 2018 Fihi Ma Fihi’s (“FMF”) founder Arian Nakhaie has 15+ years in a variety of roles, industries and countries which culminated in its creation. The organization is named after and based on the spirit of 13th-century mystic, jurist and poet Rumi’s philosophical treatise, which translates as “Signs of

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C. Meranda Flachs-Surmanek, 2018

C. Meranda Flachs-Surmanek, 2018 C. Meranda Flachs-Surmanek (they/them) is an artist and urban planner. Meranda is driven to destabilize the conditions that shaped their upbringing—the prison industrial complex, poverty, and violence—through an ethic of love and the rigor of transformative justice. They collaborate with groups to understand complex systems, re-orient

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Emilio Martínez Poppe

Emilio Martínez Poppe, 2018

Emilio Martínez Poppe, 2018 Emilio Martínez Poppe is an artist working across installation, performance, participatory projects, and research-based collaborative projects. Their work engages collectivity, its practices, and lived/speculative legacies of belonging through spatial or linguistic formations. Emilio has exhibited their work at FIERMAN, the Queens Museum, CUE Art Foundation, and

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Janine Renee Cunningham

Janine Renee Cunningham, 2018

Janine Renee Cunningham, 2018 Brooklyn based organizer and theater-maker, Janine Renee Cunningham has presented work at the Prelude Festival and On the Boards, among others. She holds a BA in International Studies from Portland State University and is completing her MFA in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College.

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Mercy Viola Carpenter

Mercy Carpenter, 2018

Mercy Viola Carpenter, 2018 Mercy Viola is a Black and Native nonbinary femme raised in Brooklyn, New York. They are passionate about land sovereignty, reclaiming ritual and healing intergenerational trauma. Mercy incorporates these values as a Visual Artist, Performance Artist, Reiki practitioner and Educator. They create art with the intention

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Monica Furman

Monica Furman, 2018

Monica Furman, 2018 Monica Furman is a multi-hyphenate artist and conflict mediator. She was raised in Brooklyn by her Jew-ish Russian-speaking family from Ukraine, so she’s working out her dual-identity crisis by being an artist instead of a doctor like her babushka wanted. Monica’s most recent work includes The Waiting

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Natalie Cook

Natalie Cook, 2018

Natalie Cook, 2018 Natalie Cook is a filmmaker, poet, and theater-maker. Natalie’s poetry film, “Backwards God,” received the Best Social Justice Film Award at the New York International Film Awards and was the Grand Prize Winner of the AT&T Film Awards. She is the founder of Atlanta Word Works, as

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Rad Pereira

Rad Pereira, 2018

Rad Pereira, 2018 Rad  is a two-spirit Afro-Indigenous, Jewish, Brazilian (im)migrant artist currently based in Lenapehoking (Brooklyn). Their practices range from renegade participatory ritual facilitation, to popular theatrical and TV/film performance, to community based educational artmaking and healing centering an Afro-futurist longing for transformative justice and queer reindigenization of culture.

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Régine Romain

Régine Romain, 2018

Régine Romain, 2018 Régine Romain is a Haitian-American artist, educator, visual anthropologist and race equity coach living in Brooklyn, NY.  As a storyteller and cultural producer, she uses photographs/film/performance as mixed-media educational tools to promote love, understanding and respect by addressing issues of representation and equity through participatory and reflective learning practices.

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Rina Espiritu

Rina Espiritu, 2018

Rina Espiritu, 2018 A local of Queens Village, NY with a US greencard and Pilipino passport. This multidisciplinary artist has organized various things but not limited to: public discourse with artists/curator, a physical theater with clickbaity title, solo movement improvisations, solo exhibition of gestural paintings, durational performance in a pond,

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Salomé Egas, 2018

Salome Egas, 2018

Salome Egas, 2018 Salome is proudly Ecuadorian, an interdisciplinary artist, educator and bilingual children’s book author who is permanently questioning her identity through multiple mediums: dance, theater, film and textile arts. She’s a Brooklyn Arts Council grantee, an American Immigrant Council Fellow, and a For the Artist! resident artist at

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Sara Kostic 2018

Sara Kostic 2018

Sara Kostic, 2018 Sara Kostic (born in 1990 in Belgrade), received an M.A. in Architecture Design from Belgrade University. She attended EmergeNYC program, at the Hemispheric Institute of Performance and Politics, NYU. She polished her practices by working with artists such as VestandPage, Marlin Arsem, Franko B. In her work,

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2017 Cohort

Ana Laura Ramirez Ramos

Ana Laura Ramírez Ramos, 2017

Ana Laura Ramírez Ramos, 2017 Ana Laura is a Mexican artivist and cabaret performer who enjoys making humor. Based in Mexico City, she is the founder of the cabaret company Parafernalia Teatro (2011) and a member of Las Reinas Chulas Cabaret y Derechos Humanos AC (2013). She is a FONCA

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Anooj Bhandari

Anooj Bhandari, 2017

Anooj Bhandari, 2017 Anooj is a community organizer and multi-disciplinary performance artist, combining curiosity around spaces of transition, waiting, conflict, contest, and unknown, with histories of community organizing and movement building in an attempt to decolonize and reconstruct concepts of dignity and love. Anooj is an abolitionist who believes that friendship

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Arantxa Araujo

Arantxa Araujo, 2017

Arantxa Araujo, 2017 Arantxa is a Mexican multidisciplinary artist with a background in neuroscience based in NYC interested in repetition and duration to access heightened states of awareness. Their work explores biobehavioral research, gender constructions and politics of migration; its affects and consequences in the construction of identity. They hold

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Arantxa Araujo, 2017 Flagship, 2022 Virtual

Arantxa Araujo, 2022-Virtual (and 2017 Flagship) Arantxa Araujo is a Mexican artist with a background in neuroscience. Her work is essentially multidisciplinary, feminist, meditative and rooted in bio-behavioral research and technology. Her work has been shown in the Brooklyn Museum, at the Radical Women LatinAmerican Art Exhibit, Leslie-Lohman Museum, Grace

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Clarivel Ruiz

Clarivel Ruiz, 2017

Clarivel Ruiz, 2017 We, the daughter from the land called Kiskeya Ayiti (aka Hispaniola aka Dominican Republic and Haiti), a land colonized but never conquered, raised in New York City on the ancestral bones and covered shrines of the Lenape people. Founder, Dominicans Love Haitians Movement, an art practice developed

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David Sierra

David Sierra, 2017

David Sierra, 2017 David Sierra is an artist, scholar, and writer practicing and researching performance and production in many contexts. Sierra reads and writes about sex, science, fiction, and language. Her artistic practices are concerned with embodied experiences of movement and sound in procedural settings, horror, and medical technology. She

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Effie Nkrumah

Effie Nkrumah, 2017

Effie Nkrumah, 2017 Effie Nkrumah is an interdisciplinary artist and poet of Ghanaian descent brought up in Sydney, Australia. She has worked creatively between Sydney, Accra, and New York granting her a unique sense of humour, aesthetic & keen observation. She holds an MA in Arts Politics from NYU. Twitter

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Elena Rose Light

Elena Rose Light, 2017

Elena Rose Light, 2017 Elena Rose Light (they/she) is a choreographer, performer, and cultural worker originally from Southern California (Micqanaqa’n) currently splitting time between Brooklyn (Lenapehoking) and Giessen, Germany. Their choreographic work is rooted in the potential for somatic empathy to reorganize systems of thought and governance. Their performances have

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Girino (LUA), 2017

Girino (aka LUA), 2017 Girino (aka Lua) is a Brazilian video & movement artist and scholar based in Brooklyn, and current PhD candidate at NYU’s Performance Studies. Their work happens amidst performance art, expanded cinema, contemporary dance, independent documentaries and undocumented phenomena. They are drawn to insurgent transgendering, prehensive performances,

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Nicole Goodwin

GOODW.Y.N. (aka Nicole Goodwin), 2017

Nicole Goodwin aka GOODW.Y.N., 2017 Nicole Goodwin aka GOODW.Y.N. is the author of Warcries, and the poetic sequel Warcrimes as well as the photographic essay book Ain’t I a Woman (?/!): I Give of Myself  based on the five year iterations of Ain’t I a Woman (?/!).  They are a finalist for

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Julia Patinella, 2017

Julia Patinella, 2017

Julia Patinella, 2017 Julia Patinella (she/her) is a multilingual singer and songwriter currently residing in Brooklyn, NY. After years of immersion as a Flamenco singer in southern Spain, Julia has developed several original musical projects in Spanish, Sicilian and English, that draw from her roots, her experience as a first-generation

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Linus Ignatius 2017

Linus Ignatius, 2017

Linus Ignatius, 2017 Linus Ignatius is a queer Armenian-American filmmaker and a proud third culture kid. Born to journalist parents, Linus grew up in various countries and inhabited the role of the outsider, constantly learning new languages and social structures. After film school in the Czech Republic, Linus directed large

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Mariam Bazeed

Mariam Bazeed, 2017

Mariam Bazeed, 2017 An Egyptian immigrant living in Brooklyn, Mariam Bazeed is a performance artist and alliteration-leaning writer of prose, poetry, plays, and personal essays. They have an MFA in Fiction from Hunter College; have been awarded fellowships from the Center for Fiction, Asian American Writers Workshop, Hemispheric Institute for

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rexylafemme (rex renée leonowicz), 2017

rexylafemme (rex renée leonowicz), 2017 rexylafemme (rex renée leonowicz) is a visual + performing artist, writer, and healer born and raised in Jackson Heights, Queens. As a working class trans femme, rex’s work is grounded in a politics of radical resistance, healing, and witness. s/he blends genders and genres, using

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Rosary Solimanto

Rosary Solimanto, 2017

Rosary Solimanto, 2017 Activist artist Rosary Solimanto, explores oppression and societal stigmas living with multiple sclerosis evolving into her international artistic career. She approaches disABILITY identity, biology, healthcare and medicine from a humanitarian perspective. Solimanto graduated with her MFA from SUNY New Paltz in 2015 and since exhibited and performed

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Sol de la Ciudad

Sol Cabrini, 2017

Sol Cabrini de la Ciudad, 2017 Sol Cabrini de la Ciudad is a Chicago trans creator based in NYC. Sol has created and collaborated in numerous seasons of shows at Free Street Theatre. From audio engineering to performative efforts she has made mediums concerning the abstraction of how sounds are

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Troizel Carr, 2017

Troizel Carr, 2017

Troizel Carr, 2017 An artist, advocate, and academic, Troizel Carr is black + alive and that means more than these words can say. They are pursuing their PhD at New York University in Performance Studies, where they also earned their MA. Currently, their research wants to consider figurations of black

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2016 Cohort

Bex Kwan

Bex Kwan, 2016

Bex Kwan, 2016 Bex Kwan Bex Kwan is a multimedia artist, organizer, social worker, and athlete. They are a core trainer with the Anti Oppression Resource and Training Alliance (AORTA). Bex is currently in collaboration with Sophia Mak (EMERGE’16) creating performances which unearth secret histories of foreignness, family mythologies, and

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Chelsea Gregory

Chelsea Gregory, 2016

Chelsea Gregory, 2016 Chelsea Gregory is a dance theater artist, cultural organizer and facilitator who weaves embodied arts together with equity work, community building, healing and restorative practices. She is inspired by working with brilliant folks like Urban Bush Women, Artists Co-Creating Real Equity, Cornerstone Theater Company, PowerTools for Progress,

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Courtney Brown, 2016

Courtney Brown, 2016 Courtney Brown is an artist, organizer, curator and non-profit administrator with a background in grant writing, proposal development, campaign strategy and donor relations. Her performance work is grounded in ritual, autobiography, endurance and memory. She scores performative systems that allow for the exploration of time through embodied

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estrellx supernova

Estrellx Supernova, 2016

Estrellx Supernova, 2016 Estrellx/EHQS embodies a they/them energetics and straddles the roles of choreographer, performer, curator, writer and somatic entrepreneur. They have many diasporic roots and call themselves the Cosmic Energetic Orchestrator of The Universe of Rhizomatic Tenderness (TUoRT), an emerging ecosystem and social enterprise being choreographed by and for

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Francheska Alcántara

Francheska Alcántara, 2016

Francheska Alcántara, 2016 Francheska is a multidisciplinary artist hailing from The Bronx who looks at domestic life and signifiers of Caribbean culture and the diaspora to explore slippages of identity, fragmentation, and longing. They graduated with a MFA in Sculpture + Extended Media from Virginia Commonwealth University, and hold a

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Gethsemane Herron-Coward

Gethsemane Herron-Coward, 2016

Gethsemane Herron-Coward, 2016 Gethsemane Herron-Coward is a poet/playwright from Washington, D.C. She has developed work with JAG Productions, The Hearth, Magic Time@Judson, and Playwright’s Playground at Classical Theatre of Harlem. She is alumna of 24Hour Plays-Nationals and The Fire This Time Festival. She has held residencies at The Virginia Center

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Jennif(f)er Tamayo

Jennif(f)er Tamayo, 2016

Jennif(f)er Tamayo, 2016 Jennif(f)er Tamayo is a queer, migrant, formerly undocumented poet, essayist, and performer currently living and working on Patwin and Ohlone lands. JT is the daughter of Nancy, Flora, Leonor, Sol, and Ana. Her poetry and art collections include [Red Missed Aches] (Switchback, 2011), Poems are the Only

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Julia Cavagna, 2016

Julia Cavagna, 2016

Julia Cavagna, 2016 Julia Cavagna is an Argentinian teacher,  actress and director based in the United States. She studied Sociology and classical and physical theater (EMAD, Belisario and Movement Theater Studio) where she learned about creating original collective work. She earned a Bachelor’s Degree in acting in Buenos Aires (EMAD) and kept learning from

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Kelsey Pyro

Kelsey Pyro, 2016

Kelsey Pyro, 2016 Kelsey Pyro is a St. Paul and Minneapolis-grown/Brooklyn-based producer, singer/songwriter, poet, and educator. Her work often encompasses healing processes and her identity as a Black and Ojibwe Native American Woman. Kelsey has performed at venues such as The Last Of The Record Buyers at SoundSet and TEDx

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Lio Mehiel

Lio Mehiel, 2016

Lio Mehiel, 2016 Lio Mehiel (they/them) is a Puerto Rican and Greek non-binary, trans masculine writer, actor, and artist. They are currently based between Los Angeles and New York. They attended Northwestern University and are a co-founder of Voyeur Productions with creative partners Russell Kahn (Scrap Paper Pictures, Amazon) and

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Paul Bedard

Paul Bedard, 2016

Paul Bedard, 2016 Paul Bedard is a Brooklyn-based theater director. He is an artistic director of Theater in Asylum. His work has appeared at the Hangar, Cherry Lane, IRT, and Dixon Place Theatres, as well as the Prague, Chicago, and Rochester Fringe Festivals. He has collaborated with Bread and Puppet

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Rania Manganaro, 2016

Rania Manganaro, 2016

Rania Manganaro, 2016 RANIA SALEM MANGANARO is a New York City based actor, artist, activist, and proud member of Actors Equity. Rania is known for originating the role of Peg in Ike Holter’s Hit the Wall, Off-Broadway at Barrow Street Theatre and in Chicago at The Steppenwolf Garage (produced by The Inconvenience). Last

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Sophia Mak

Sophia Mak, 2016

Sophia Mak, 2016 Sophia Mak is a Brooklyn based, multi-disciplinary artist and educator. They have had the pleasure of working with young artists across New York City’s five boroughs. Sophia is currently in collaboration with Bex Kwan (EMERGE’16) creating performances which unearth secret histories of foreignness, family mythologies, and kinship

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Timothy DuWhite, 2016

Timothy DuWhite, 2016

Timothy Du White, 2016 Timothy DuWhite (he/they) is a Black/queer poet, actor, and activist based out of Brooklyn, NY. His essays and poetry can be found in The Rumpus, The Root, Afropunk, Black Youth Project, The Grio, and elsewhere. In the summer of 2018, DuWhite debuted his one-man show NEPTUNE

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Vanessa Cuervo

Vanessa Cuervo, 2016

Vanessa Cuervo, 2016 Born in Bogotá Colombia, Vanessa is a dancer, curator & cultural producer exploring the connections between identity, collective memory building and rituals of resilience in (but not limited to) Latin America. Working with dance, theatre and film organizations in Toronto, Buenos Aires, New York & Bogotá she

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2015 Cohort

Andre Dimapilis, 2015

Andre Dimapilis, 2015

Andre Ignacio Dimapilis, 2015 Andre Ignacio Dimapilis (he/him) is a Filipinx-American culture-bearing performance artist, sound facilitator, and peaceful warrior. My art-making in theatre, sound, movement, text, building relationships and rituals are in harmony with the truths that I live as Filipinx-American, a male POC living in the current times working

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Anthonywash.Rosado, 2015

Anthonywash.Rosado, 2015  Anthonywash.Rosado is a queer Afro-Boricua storytraveler and Nuyorican cultural curator. As of 2013, he/she/they produced free and public multimedia art salons at Make The Road NY, May Day Space, Starr Bar, Brooklyn Fire Proof, Five Myles Gallery, Rush Arts Philanthropic, and David & Schweitzer. Rosado was Artist in

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Ash Brockington 2015

Ashley Brockington, 2015

Ashley Brockington, 2015 Ashley Brockington’s (she/her) New York City chapter started in 2001. Her first theater family was Circus Amok, a politically-minded queer circus that provides free art to the people. In 2006, Ashley joined the Femmes of the WOW café theater collective where she produced orginal work and produced

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Daniel Giordano

Daniel Giordano, 2015

Daniel Giordano, 2015 Daniel Giordano (he/him) was born in 1988. He lives and works in Newburgh, NY. Giordano earned his MFA from the University of Delaware. Solo exhibitions include the Rosenberg Gallery, Hofstra University, Hempstead, NY; Wil Aballe Art Projects, BC, Canada; and Sardine, Brooklyn, NY. Group exhibitions include JDJ,

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Edgar Javier Ulloa Luján

Edgar Javier Ulloa Luján, 2015

Edgar Javier Ulloa Luján, 2015 Édgar J. Ulloa Luján is a performance artist and poet from Ciudad Juárez, México. He founded a pioneer multimedia poetry blog Mi Juaritos. His performances negotiate border politics, cultural memory, trauma, immigration, and violence in addition to instigating audience and public participation. Ulloa has performed in

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Gabriela Espinosa

Gabriela Espinosa, 2015

Gabriela Espinosa, 2015 Gabriela es creadora interdisciplinaria e intérprete de las artes escénicas, y ejerce como artista educadora y gestora cultural en Chile y Latinoamérica. Ha desarrollado una carrera creativa y artivista vinculada a temáticas e intervenciones socio-políticas. Se titula en Teatro en la Universidad Católica de Chile para luego

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Helen Gutowski

Helen Gutowski, 2015

Helen Gutowski, 2015 Helen Gutowski is a performing artist, writer, and activist working in the experimental theater, post modern dance, performance art, poetry, and academic theory. Alumnus of the EmergeNYC program (2015.) BFA in Acting from the Experimental Theater Wing, NYU (2013) and MA in Performance Studies, NYU (2018.) She

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Joyce LeeAnn Joseph, 2015

Joyce Joseph, 2015

Joyce LeeAnn Joseph, 2015 Joyce LeeAnn Joseph is a certified archivist and an interdisciplinary artist whose work aims to redefine the archive as a space for healing and transformation. In 2017, Joyce LeeAnn emancipated her labor by cultivating Archival Alchemy®, a small business that provides services to support the development,

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Mare Berger

Mare Berger, 2015

Mare Berger, 2015 Mare has been playing the piano for 34 years and writing music for a loooong time too. Mare believes in the importance of creative collaboration and community to help stop fascism and oppression and facilitates workshops called: Collective Songwriting for Collective Liberation. For many years they curated

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Nefertiti Asanti

Nefertiti Asanti, 2015

Nefertiti Asanti, 2015 Nefertiti Asanti (they/she) is a poet from the Bronx and a recipient of fellowships and residencies from the Watering Hole, Queer Cultural Center, Lambda Literary, Anaphora Arts, Winter Tangerine, and the Hurston/Wright Foundation. Nefertiti’s work can be found at AfroPunk, Foglifter, Santa Clara Review, Split Lip Magazine,

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Ọmọlará McCallister

Omolara Mccallister, 2015

Ọmọlará McCallister, 2015 Ọmọlará Williams McCallister (pronouns: o, love, beloved) is a dynamic creator who shows up in many forms. O’s work is a call and response blend of sculpture, performance, installation, ritual, space holding, community building, surface design, adornment, word, sound, song, movement, moving images and photography. The roles

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ray ferreira - photo by rachel papo

ray ferreira, 2015

ray ferreira 2015 ray ferreira w h e n a m i a performer of sorts aka multidisciplinary artist aka polymath. She stays playin : the dance between materiality<->language through her body w h e n a m i where histories are made and remade. She plays with iridescence, text,

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Sriya Sarkar

Sriya Sarkar, 2015

Sriya Sarkar, 2015 Sriya Sarkar is a digital media producer, comedian, and filmmaker working at the intersection of digital media, comedy, and activism. She has worked with artist Maya Lin for the What Is Missing? Foundation as well as the feminist sleeper cell of riotously funny reproductive rights advocates at

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Stephano Espinoza

Stephano Espinoza, 2015

Stephano Espinoza, 2015 Stephano is an artist and educator from Guayaquil, Ecuador. He is the co-founder and director of TrueQué Residencia Artistica, an annual artist residency in the coast of Ecuador. He holds a BA in Social and Cultural Analysis with concentrations in Latinx and Metropolitan Studies from New York

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2014 Cohort

Alicia Raquel Morales stands in front of a sign that says "Si no puedo perrear, no es mi revolución"

Alicia Raquel Morales, 2014

Alicia Raquel Morales, 2014 Alicia Raquel Morales is a dancer, interdisciplinary artist, and cultural organizer. Their aesthetic is quirky, queer, “spanglish,” Boricua, urban, nerdy and working class. Alicia grew up building altars, listening to and making up stories that straddle “real” and unseen worlds, and watching formal and informal ritual

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Anaze Izquierdo

Anazé Izquierdo, 2014

Anazé Izquierdo, 2014 Anazé Izquierdo (Ana Carolina Izquierdo) : is a peruvian genderqueer brooklyn based visual, performance artist-activist and organizer born and raised in Lima, Peru. / February 23, 1990 . Anazé as an organizer is the founder of “Encuentro / Espacio abierto a libre performance”, an international performance art

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Azure D. Osborne-Lee

Azure D. Osborne-Lee, 2014

Azure D. Osborne-Lee, 2014 Azure D. Osborne-Lee (he/they) is a multi-award-winning Black queer & trans  theatre maker from south of the Mason-Dixon Line. He holds an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice (2011) from Royal Central School of Speech & Drama as well as an MA in Women’s & Gender Studies

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Camilo Godoy

Camilo Godoy, 2014

Camilo Godoy, 2014 Camilo Godoy is an artist and educator born in Bogotá, Colombia and based in New York, United States. He was a 2018 Session Artist, Recess; 2018 Artist-in-Residence, Leslie-Lohman Museum; 2018 Artist-in-Residence, coleção moraes-barbosa; 2017 Artist-in-Residence, International Studio & Curatorial Program (ISCP); 2015-2017 Artist-in-Residence, Movement Research; among others.

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Emma Alabaster

Emma Alabaster, 2014

Emma Alabaster, 2014 Born and raised in Brooklyn, Emma Alabaster works as a musician, composer, cultural organizer, and educator throughout New York City. Emma performs under her name and with decibelists. She music-directed poet Cornelius Eady’s band, Rough Magic and has collaborated with many artists as a bassist and vocalist.

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Kiyan Williams

Kiyan Williams, 2014

Kiyan Williams, 2014 Kiyan Williams (they/them) is a visual artist based in New York City. Working fluidly across sculpture, performance, video, and installation, they create art works that redefine fixed notions of history and the body. They are attracted to quotidian, unconventional materials and methods that evoke the historical, political,

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Lolo Haha

Lolo Haha, 2014

Lolo Haha, 2014 Lolo Haha (he/him) is an organizational consultant, conflict mediator, and communication skills trainer based in Portland, Oregon. He works with companies, nonprofits, and community groups to develop creative, collaborative, conflict-positive cultures within their teams. His unique combination of skills in Liberating Structures and Process Work center fun

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Magnus Elias Rosengarten stands against a yellow background, wearing a blue jean jacket.

Magnus Elias Rosengarten, 2014

Magnus Elias Rosengarten, 2014 Magnus (he/him) is particularly interested in the relationship between moving image, sound and live performance. He loves visual storytelling. His work is deeply inspired and motivated by People of Color critique, Black Feminist thought and theories working within the larger Global African Diaspora. Currently, his focus

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Manuel Molina Martagón

Manuel Molina Martagon, 2014

Manuel Molina Martagón, 2014 Manuel Molina Martagón is a multidisciplinary artist working in performance, video and social engaged projects. Molina Martagón holds a MFA in Photography, Video and Related Media from the School of Visual Arts in New York, and a MFA in Creative Writing in Spanish from New York

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Maxine Montilus

Maxine Montilus, 2014

Maxine Montilus, 2014 Maxine Montilus is a native of Brooklyn, New York and a first-generation Haitian-American. Maxine has a B.F.A. in Modern Dance Performance from The University of the Arts, an M.A. in Arts Management from City University London, and an M.A. in Dance Education from Hunter College via the

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Melanie Greene

Melanie Greene, 2014

Melanie Greene, 2014 Melanie Greene is a dance artist, writer, and podcast host. She is no stranger to swirling on the edge of impossible, swimming in the sea of the minority. She has received generous artistic support from MANCC, Marble House Project, Brooklyn Studios for Dance, New York Live Arts,

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nyx zierhut, 2014

nyx zierhut, 2014 nyx zierhut is a mixed black tenderqueer performer, poet, healer, organizer, and educator living in Bulbancha (New Orleans, Louisiana). a creator of visceral aesthetic and political interventions, they share public ritual in the wake of state sanctioned violence. their #BlackTouch practice offers somatic and energetic healing and

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Renee Floresca, 2014

Renee Floresca, 2014

Renee Floresca, 2014 Originally from Hercules– East Bay Area, Renee is a Filipina actor, educator & writer based in Brooklyn. Creator of original theater works Sidewalk Sisters; Nanay, Tatay, Anak; and Undressing the Fragments, Renee uses theater, hip hop, story telling, poetry & improv to transform personal narratives into theater

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Stevie Walker-Webb

Stevie Walker-Webb, 2014

Stevie Walker-Webb, 2014 Stevie Walker-Webb is an Obie award winning Director, Playwright, and Cultural Worker who believes in the transformational power of art. As a survivor of poverty and the associative violence that comes with growing up black and poor in America, he’s knows how liberating and necessary it is

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Taja Lindley

Taja Lindley, 2014

Taja Lindley, 2014 Taja Lindley (she/her) is a spirit-led interdisciplinary generative artist creating dynamic and iterative works designed to transform audiences and to shift narratives, culture and consciousness. She is inspired by the healing arts and metaphysical sciences which support her healing journey and inform the rituals of conceiving, developing

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Vaseah Dupree final performance 2014

Vaseah Dupree, 2014

Vaseah Dupree, 2014 Vaseah Dupree is a spoken word artist and creative writer who grew up in Brownsville, Brooklyn during the height of the drug wars and the AIDS/HIV epidemic. She is a survivor of Urban America, sexual, physical, verbal and domestic abuse. While struggling to cope with the affects

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2013 Cohort

Adriana Nordin Manan, 2013

Adrienne Nordin Manan, 2013 Adriana Nordin Manan is a Malaysian translator working between the English, Malay, and Spanish languages. She has translated short stories, essays, and poetry. Born, raised, and based in Kuala Lumpur, Adriana is fascinated by the expanse of stories as mirrors of society and monuments to the

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Alex Rodabaugh

Alex Rodabaugh, 2013

Alex Rodabaugh, 2013 Alex Rodabaugh creates performances within the lineage of dance and choreography. Alex’s work includes found performance, dance generated from numerical scores, improvisation, and both found and written text, with a primary focus on framing. Pointing toward the performance of everyday interaction, mass spectacle, illegible manipulation and modes

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Aya Aziz, 2013

Aya Aziz, 2013 Aya Aziz is a songwriter and performance artist based between New York and Beirut, Lebanon. Aya wrote and performed her first full production, Sitting Regal by the Window, in 2014 at the Metro Al-Madina Theater in Beirut. The show then featured in both the Fringe and Planet Connections

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Giseli Vasconcelos

Giseli Vasconcelos, 2013

Giseli Vasconcelos, 2013 Giseli is a cultural worker and interdisciplinary artist from Brazil based in US. She has been organizing festivals, workshops, exhibitions and publications that discuss media and technology related to the Brazilian scene of art and activism. Most of the projects are collaborative process that highlights practices on

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Guy Yedwab

Guy Yedwab, 2013

Guy Yedwab, 2013 Guy Yedwab ran a small theater company when the 2008 financial crisis propelled him into community organizing through the League of Independent Theater, an advocacy organization for small-sized theaters. As Managing Director, Guy led their work on union codes, endorsements in electoral campaigns, legislative advocacy, and social

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Jeca Rodríguez Colón

Jeca Rodríguez-Colón, 2013 (and Guest Faculty 2015–16)

Jeca Rodríguez Colón, 2013 (and Invited Alumni Faculty 2015–16) Jeca Rodríguez Colón (she/her) is a Puerto Rican multi-disciplinary artist and a scholar living in New York City. She holds a PhD in Philosophy, Aesthetics and Art Theory from IDSVA. Through her academic and creative work, she questions the societal prescription

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Jennifer Celestin

Jennifer Celestin, 2013

Jennifer Celestin, 2013 Jennifer Celestin is a writer, performer, and facilitator from Brooklyn, NY. She received her B.A. from Wesleyan University, an M.A. in Humanities at NYU and an M.F.A. in Fiction at CUNY: Queens College. She has performed at numerous venues in NYC and her publication credits include No

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Marta Jovanović

Marta Jovanovic, 2013

Marta Jovanović, 2013 Marta Jovanović (b. 1978, Belgrade, Serbia) constructs scenarios in which she interrogates politics, identity, beauty, and sexuality. Jovanović received her Bachelor of Arts degree from Tulane University in 2001 after attending Scuola Lorenzo de Medici, in Florence. Her works have been presented in institutions such as Museo

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Mette Loulou von Kohl

Mette Loulou von Kohl, 2013

Mette Loulou von Kohl, 2013 Mette Loulou was born from the orange at the center before the new world came. She is a performer and a wanderer. Currently living on the unceded land of the Lenape people, now colonized as New York City, Mette Loulou is a queer femme, of

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Mon Iker

Mon Iker, 2013

Mon Iker, 2013 Mon Iker is an interdisciplinary artist devoted to elevating feminist, social, and environmental justice issues. Their work spans a variety of media, including street art, photography, performance, animation, film, and traditional herbalism. They combine experience in visual media making with knowledge of strategy, operations, and arts administration

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Rory Golden, 2013

Rory Golden, 2013

Rory Golden, 2013 Rory Golden creates multi-layered figurative work that deals in a clever and sometimes startling way with social issues like racial bigotry, sexuality, love and hate-based violence. A native of Miami Valley, Ohio, Golden holds an MFA in Book Arts from the University of Alabama. He has exhibited

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Sabina Ibarrola

Sabina Ibarrola, 2013

Sabina Ibarrola, 2013 Sabina is a Brooklyn-based performance artist, activist, and troublemaker: a dancer and bruja on the path towards becoming a writer and healer, too. Sabina apprenticed with herbalist Robin Rose Bennett of Wisewoman Healing Ways. A graduate of Hunter College and the New York School of Burlesque, she

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Sita Frederick, 2013

Sita Frederick, 2013

Sita Frederick, 2013 Sita Frederick is a choreographer, performer, arts administrator and teacher based in New York City. After graduating from Swarthmore College, Frederick performed with Bessie-winning choreographers Jawole Willa Jo Zollar of Urban Bush Women and Merian Soto, co-founder of Pepatian. In 2003, Frederick and visual artist José Miguel

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Zachary Wager Scholl

Zachary Wager Scholl, 2013

Zachary Wager Scholl, 2013 Zachary Wager Scholl is an educator, artist and cultural worker. He’s a member of The Aftselakhis Spectacle Committee, a multi-disciplinary arts collective making queer, intergenerational, diasporic radical purimshpiln; a member of Jews For Racial & Economic Justice; an educator at Kolot Chayeinu Synagogue. Recent projects include

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2012 Cohort

Alexandra Blissett, 2012

Alexandra Blissett 2012 Alexandra Lauren Prosper Blissett enjoys distilling the sordidly splendid spirits of stovetops and verandas and watching them play with fire. A disciple of the Kiskeya School of Shade and Story Craft she knows that hell hath no fury like a Haitian scorned. She believes reality television holds

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Anoushka Ratnarajah

Anoushka Ratnarajah, 2012

Anoushka Ratnarajah, 2012 Anoushka Ratnarajah (she/her) is a queer bi-racial woman, and an artivist, writer and performer. She has an MA in Arts Politics at NYU and was a fellow in the Hemispheric Institute’s Emerging Artist Program. She is currently collaborating on “Capital, Alice!” an anti-capitalist Alice in Wonderland musical

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Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez

Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sanchez, 2012 (and Guest Faculty, 2013)

Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez, 2012 (and Invited Alumni Faculty, 2013) Benjamin Lundberg Torres Sánchez (b. 1987, Bogotá) (they/them/elle) uses their art to transform individual witness into collective action. As a person who was separated from their first family for 28 years through a private, transnational adoption process, they co-create spaces

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Carlos Monroy

Carlos Monroy, 2012

Carlos Monroy, 2012 An immigrant in São Paulo, Brazil, Carlos Monroy (Bogotá, 1984) is a Colombian visual and performance artist with a tropical-Andean heart. His performances and installations question the boundaries between so-called highbrow, popular, and mass culture repertoires, revealing colonial structures of power and thinking, as well as the

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Chris Tyler, 2012

Chris Tyler, 2012 Chris is a Los Angeles-based playwright and performing artist examining the intersections of popular culture, collective action and digital identity. Recent projects include the Make America series (Ars Nova), Their food tastes better when they see us starving (The Brick), flesh failure (The Civilians’ R&D Group), R*NT

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Denae Hannah

Denae Hannah, 2012

Denae Hannah, 2012 Denae Hannah, a native of Fort Worth, Texas, is a performance artist, social entrepreneur, and Artistic Director and CEO of Denae Dance Theatre. She received her B.A. in Drama from Stanford University and M.F.A. in Performance and Choreography from Florida State University. Ms. Hannah was a 2012

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Dennis Redmoon Darkeem

Dennis Redmoon Darkeem, 2012

Dennis Redmoon Darkeem, 2012 I am inspired to create art work based on the familiar objects that I view through my daily travels. I ultimately set out to express a meaningful story about events in my life and those found with the communities I work. I utilize different media in

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Dominic Bradley

Dominic Cinnamon Bradley, 2012

Dominic Cinnamon Bradley, 2012 Raised in the crunk-era “Dirty South,” Dominic Cinnamon Bradley (they/them) is a Brooklyn-based Black disabled queer visual artist, writer, and performer. In 2021 they were a RiseOut Activist-in-Residence fellow focusing on creating resources and conversation about mental health on behalf of BIPOC LGBTQIA+ New Yorkers. Currently,

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Getenesh Berhe, 2012

Getenesh Berhe, 2012 Getenesh Berhe is an Eritrean-Canadian actor and performance artist. Upon completion of training at the Stella Adler Studio of Acting and the Hemispheric Institute at NYU, she began working as a theatre artist in various new works and Off-Off-Broadway productions. IG @getenesh

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Jesse Phillips-Fein

Jesse Phillips-Fein, 2012

Jesse Phillips-Fein, 2012 Jesse Phillips-Fein is a Brooklyn born and based dancer, choreographer, educator and mama. Her work has been presented at venues in New York, New Jersey, Colorado and Maine, and her writing on dance and race is published in several anthologies. IG @jesse_phlllips_feinTwitter @JessePFein 

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Kirya Traber

Kirya Traber, 2012 (and Guest Faculty, 2014)

Kirya Traber, 2012 (and Invited Alumni Faculty, 2014) Kirya Traber is a nationally awarded playwright, actress, and cultural worker. She is the lead Community Artist in Residence with Lincoln Center Education. Her latest work, If This Be Sin, a musical about the gender-bending Harlem Renaissance performer, Gladys Bentley, will be

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Kyla Searle, 2012

Kyla Searle, 2012 Kyla Searle (she/her) is an artist, producer and activist. Kyla seeks out inquiry and intersection, inspired by the creativity of the community that raised her in Berkeley and Oakland, California. Her work and practice have been developed through the Institute for Theatre in the Jazz Aesthetic, the

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Marcelitte Failla

Marcelitte Failla, 2012

Marcelitte Failla, 2012 Marcelitte Failla is a Black and biracial educator, researcher, and scholar of African heritage religions in the United States and throughout the African diaspora. Through a Black feminist lens, her work explores how religions such as Yoruba Ifá, Haitian Vodou, and Hoodoo of the American South are

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Polina Porras Sibolovob

Polina Porras Sibolovoba, 2012

Polina Porras Sibolovoba, 2012 Polina Porras Sivolobova is a Russian-Mexican multidisciplinary artist based in New York. Her work includes visual arts and performance. She explores narrative using ritual, iconography, technology and nature. She has performed at the Venice Biennale and has been supported by the Mexican Ministry of Foreign Affairs,

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Rebecca Nagle

Rebecca Nagle, 2012

Rebecca Nagle, 2012 Rebecca Nagle is an award-winning advocate, writer, and citizen of Cherokee Nation. As the host of the chart-topping podcast “This Land”, Nagle told the story of one Supreme Court case about tribal land in Oklahoma, the small-town murder that started it, and the surprising connection to her

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Sacred Walker

Sacred Walker, 2012

Sacred Walker, 2012 Sacred Walker is a master facilitator and the CEO and Lead Holistic Trainer of Kuumba Health LLC. Sacred’s creative writing and dance performances include gracing the stage of Alvin Ailey World Dance Festival, WOW Cafe, Second Stage Theater, Malonga Dance School, Union Theological Seminary, LGBT Community Center,

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Samantha Galarza

Samantha Galarza, 2012

Samantha Galarza, 2012 Samantha Galarza (she/her/ella) is a queer, Puerto Rican, SAG-AFTRA actress, writer, performance artist, educator, podcaster, and director. Ultimately a storyteller, her dream is to bridge the gap between mainstream media and progressive “de-colonial” art. Her work interweaves personal narratives of queer identity, internalized and systemic anti-black racism,

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Santiago Venegas Duque, 2012

Santiago Venegas Duque, 2013 Santiago Venegas Duque is a Colombian fashion designer and performance artist, currently working at Brooks Brothers as a knitwear designer. He ultimately wants everyone to be happy including the animals and environment. IG @sanvene

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Sara Lyons

Sara Lyons, 2012

Sara Lyons, 2012 Sara Lyons is a director who seeks to explode form/politic in new, critically embodied theatre and performance works. Working frequently in adaptation, social practice, and new media, their work has been presented by Los Angeles Performance Practice, The Wattis Institute, OUTsider, SFX Festival, Ensemble Studio Theatre, HERE,

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2011 Cohort

Carolina Tapias Guzmán

Carolina Tapias Guzmán, 2011

Carolina Tapias Guzmán, 2011 Carolina is a theatre teaching artist and cultural worker whose practice of theater and performance focuses on collective artistic creation that links the personal with its context. Victoria holds a Fine Arts degree from the National University of Colombia, and an MA in Applied Theatre and

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Jadele McPherson, 2011

Jadele McPherson, 2011 Jadele McPherson is an artist-scholar whose research focuses on the intersections of sound and healing, mutual aid, and performance in Florida, Haiti and Cuba. McPherson is currently a PhD student in the CUNY Graduate Center Anthropology Department and teaching fellow with the Mellon Seminar for Collaborative Research

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Katrina De Wees, 2011

Katrina De Wees, 2011 Katrina De Wees is an interdisciplinary artist, writer, educator and curator specializing in contemporary art. She currently works in Museum Education at The Studio Museum in Harlem, and is the current Curatorial Fellow at Danspace Project. She graduated from Hampshire College in 2010 with a concentration

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Koby, 2011

Koby, 2011 Koby (she/they) is an artist, writer and social practice facilitator dedicated to dialogical arts practices, archiving as cultural activism, and public interventions for political engagement. She facilitates durational multi-stakeholder arts activist projects with collectives such as Montreal’s Immigrant Workers Centre, the Politics & Care project, and the Living

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Lilian (Lilly) Mengesha

Lily Mengesha, 2011

Lilian (Lily) Mengesha, 2011 Lily is a director, dramaturg and assistant professor of race and performance in the Department of Theatre, Dance and Performance Studies at Tufts University. Her research focuses on contemporary indigenous performance art of North and Central America, particularly on art that address legacies of violence against

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Liz Andrews

Liz Andrews, 2011

Liz Andrews, 2011 Liz Andrews is an artist, curator, and scholar based in Los Angeles, CA. She holds a BA from Wesleyan University, MA from Tisch School of Arts, NYU, and Ph.D from George Mason University. Her dissertation, Envisioning President Barack Obama, focused on the role of visual images in

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Maria Schirmer

Maria Schirmer, 2011

Maria Schirmer, 2011 Maria Schirmer is a theater artist, writer and arts educator. She has received a Gallatin Global Human Rights Fellowship with the Jana Sanskriti Center for Theatre of the Oppressed in Kolkata, India and was an artist in residence at the Women’s International Study Center in Santa Fe,

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Mary Notari

Mary Notari, 2011 (and Guest Faculty, 2014)

Mary Notari, 2011 (and Invited Alumni Faculty, 2014) I am a multidisciplinary theater artist, cultural activist, and dork. I firmly believe in live art and non-violent direct action as sites of world-making, radical empathy, and resistance. I have presented solo physical theater work and cabaret and I have appeared as

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Noelle Ghoussaini

Noelle Ghoussaini, 2011

Noelle Ghoussaini, 2011 Noelle Ghoussaini creates expansive and genre-defying theatrical experience exploring the politics and spirit of liberation. She brings to light to the divine feminine and the resilient spirit of womxn living under patriarchal norms. She tells nuanced stories about the unexposed beauty and complexity of spiritual and social

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Patricia Faolli, 2011

Patricia Faolli, 2011

Patrícia Faolli, 2011 The Brazilian artist Patrícia Faolli (she/her) received a Bachelor’s Degree in Performance Art from Pontifícia Universidade Católica de São Paulo, Brazil in 2009. Always exploring the interdisciplinary aspect of her artistic work, she started her career in theater but later focused on performance and dance using her

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Raquel Mavecq

Raquel Mavecq, 2011

Racquel Mavecq, 2011 Raquel Mavecq graduated in Comunicação e Artes do Corpo at PUC-SP. Through dance, performance art, video, installation and sound, her work understands the body as a catalyst for the micro and macro politics of human relationships. IG @raquelmavecq

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Sahar Sajadieh, 2011

Sahar Sajadieh, 2011 Sahar Sajadieh is a digital performance/media artivist (artist+activist) and scholar, interaction designer, and computer scientist, born and raised in Iran. Sahar’s research and practice lie at the intersection of computational performance, media arts, interrogative design, performance/media theory, artificial intelligence, and human-computer interaction. She is interested in the

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Shelah Marie

Shelah Marie, 2011

Shelah Marie, 2011 With her authentic, rebellious and playful personality and her @curvycurlyconscious movement, Shelah Marie engages an online community of over a quarter million people. Her mission is to create a movement of total self love and liberation for women of color. She’s the creator of the Curvy, Curly,

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Stephen Graf

Stephen Graf, 2011

Stephen Graf, 2011 After many years in the NYC theatre scene, Stephen began pursuing doctoral studies in 2017 at the New School for Social Research, with a major concentration in comparative politics and a minor in global politics. His research interests include the structure of political institutions, inclusiveness in public

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Zavé Martohardjono

Zavé Martohardjono, 2011

Zavé Martohardjono, 2011 Zavé Martohardjono is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist born in Montréal, Canada. Their artistic practice explores geopolitics, social justice, queer glam, embodied healing, and modes of decolonization. Martohardjono studied political economy at Brown University, filmmaking at CUNY City College, and entered dance and performance art in 2009. IG

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2010 Cohort

Aimée Lutkin

Aimée Lutkin, 2010

Aimée Lutkin, 2010 Aimée works as a writer in New York, and performed with Magnet sketch team Chico Splits and is now on team Just Karen, and has also performed her one person character show Peggy’s Orchard at the theater. She was on UCB Lloyd night team This Old House,

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Ariel Speedwagon

Ariel Speedwagon, 2010

Ariel Speedwagon, 2010 Ariel Speedwagon’s work has been seen extensively on Broadway, Lafayette, Fulton, Chrystie, Avenue A, Leonard, and many other fine streets and avenues throughout New York City. Trained as a modern dancer, Ariel’s inherently interdisciplinary work has taken many forms — interactive sculpture, modern dance and dance theater,

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Clark Stoeckley, 2010

Clark Stoeckley 2010 Clark Stoeckley is an interdisciplinary artist and activist working in photography, drawing, mural painting, performance, video, and interactive media. His latest work includes photographs of stray cats in the Middle East and vibrant geometrical abstract murals. As a courtroom artist, he authored a graphic novel, The United

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Claudia Sofia Garriga Lopez

Claudia Sofía Garriga López, 2010

Claudia Sofía Garriga López, 2010 Claudia Sofía Garriga-López is an Assistant Professor of Queer and Trans Latinx Studies in the Department of Multicultural and Gender Studies of California State University, Chico. After participating in EMERGE Claudia went on to be a part of the Art and Resistance course in San

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Heather Morowitz, 2010

Heather Morowitz, 2010 For the last ten years, Heather Morowitz has worked as a web and traditional based creative production designer and concept artist in the creative and advertising industry on projects ranging in size and complexity, published for national and global audiences. Heather has also worked with media companies

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Jonathan McCrory

Jonathan McCrory, 2010

Jonathan McCrory, 2010 Jonathan McCrory (he/him) is an Obie Award-winning, Harlem-based artist who has served as Executive Artistic Director at National Black Theatre since 2012. He has directed numerous professional productions and concerts which include: A Drop Of Midnight, The Gathering: A Sonic Ringshout, How the Light Gets In, Klook

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Julian Mesri

Julián Mesri, 2010

Julián Mesri, 2010 Julián Mesri is a New York-based Argentinean-American writer and composer who makes multilingual plays and musicals in the US and around the world. He is a current member of the Public Theater Emerging Writers Group and received a 2020-2021 EST/Sloan Commission. Recent productions include Immersion, Gauchos Americanos,

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Kira Neel

Kira Neel, 2010

Kira Neel, 2010 Kira Neel is a New York City based performer, educator, and radio journalist. She is a recipient of the EMERGENYC 2010 Fellowship for emerging performers and activists. As a trained Theater of the Oppressed facilitator, she leads workshops around the world at schools, with community organizations and

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Oraison H Larmon

Oraison Larmon, 2010

Oraison Larmon, 2010 Oraison H. Larmon (they/them) is a doctoral student in the Department of Information Studies at the University of California, Los Angeles. Larmon’s research centers around bodies, records and archives with specific focus on 20th century performance art in the Americas. Their dissertation “Trans Figural Records: Trans Bodies

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Ricardo Gamboa

Ricardo Gamboa, 2010 (and Guest Faculty, 2011)

Ricardo Gamboa, 2010 (and Invited Alumni Faculty, 2011) Ricardo Gamboa (They/ Them/ Theirs) is an artist, activist and academic. Ricardo is currently staffed on THE CHI for showtime, and is writing the pilot for YOSHUA at HBOMax with Issa Rae & Scott Free producing; they are also developing a feature project with Macro. Before

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2009 Cohort

Amelia Uzategui Bonilla

Amelia Uzategui Bonilla, 2009

Amelia Uzategui Bonilla, 2009 Amelia (she/they) creates curriculum and performances influenced by decoloniality and Postmigranten subjectivities. Born in Peru, and raised in California, they have collaborated with Anna Halprin, the Tamalpa Institute, Tino Sehgal, Marina Abramović, Luna Dance Institute, NAKA Dance Theater, and Cunamacué. They completed a BFA in Dance

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Dylan Levers, 2009

Dylan Levers, 2009 Dylan Stephen Levers is an NYC-based filmmaker. His short film “this is a film about tom and maddy.” screened internationally, was selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick, and was curated on Prior to making films, Dylan worked as a theater director. His original works include Opus

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Flora Mendoza

Flora Mendoza, 2009

  Flora Mendoza, 2009 Flora Mendoza, SAG-AFTRA, is a mezzo-soprano and voice actor. Graduating with distinction from Yale in Latin American Studies for a thesis on nueva canción, Flora studied at the Yale School of Music and co-founded Teatro de Yale. In the Bay Area, she performs with the SF

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Juju Angeles and her daughter

Juju Angeles, 2009

Juju Angeles, 2009 Occupying Ohlone Territory (Oakland, CA), Juju is mothering, homeschooling, working with plants, and supporting people through their pregnancy, labor, birth, and postpartum journey. She graduated with a degree and a lot of debt from a Creative Writing program and facilitated spaces encouraging “marginalized” communities to tell their

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Karina Claudio-Betancourt

Karina Claudio-Betancourt, 2009 (and Guest Faculty 2010)

Karina Claudio-Betancourt, 2009 (and Invited Alumni Faculty, 2010) Karina Claudio Betancourt is a Program Officer with the Open Society Foundations, where she  is the project director for OSF’s Puerto Rico Project. She is a skilled community organizer with several years of management, advocacy, policy analysis, fundraising and grant writing experience.

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Katharine Lucic (Elkington), 2009

Katharine Elkington, 2009

Katharine Lucić (Elkington), 2009 Katharine Lucić (she/her) is a skilled marketer with passion for building inclusive products and diverse communities, championing access to education, and lifting up underserved groups. Her exceptionally executed experiences have increased lead generation by more than 100x previous performance. Her campaigns push boundaries and heighten brand

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Liliana Padilla

Liliana Padilla, 2009

Liliana Padilla, 2008 Liliana Padilla makes plays about sex, intersectional communities, and what it means to heal in a violent world. Their play, How to Defend Yourself won the 2019 Yale Drama Prize and is a 2018-19 Susan Smith Blackburn Prize Finalist. It was produced in the 2019 Humana Festival

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Luisina Quarleri

Luisina Quarleri, 2009

Luisina Quarleri, 2009 Luisina is an actress, singer and dancer originally from Argentina. She’s performed internationally; notable credits include: Carmen (directed by Franco Zeffirelli) at L’Arena di Verona, Italy; Shrek The Musical (Buenos Aires, Argentina); Midsummer Night’s Dream (Madrid, Spain); Limitless (with Bradley Cooper and Robert De Niro); Coyote Lake

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Marcela Barrientos, 2009

Marcela Barrientos, 2009 Marcela Barrientos is a proud immigrant born in Honduras and raised in New York City. She grew up in a household where art and politics went hand-in-hand, resulting in her love for theatre and activism. Ms. Barrientos is currently the Director of Training and Leadership Development at

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Megan Hanley

Megan Paradis Hanley, 2009

Megan Paradis Hanley, 2009 Megan Paradis Hanley has worked in theater in New York and internationally for the past ten years. She is Co-Artistic Director of The Syndicate, an ensemble theater company that produces new plays by women, queer, and trans artists. As an international network, The Syndicate seeks to

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Mieke D

Mieke D, 2009

Mieke D, 2009 MIEKE D (she/they) is a mixed-race genderqueer femme of Asian and European descent. She is an experimental dance, theater, and performance artist committed to making work that is personal, political, and playful. As an educator and cultural worker, they hope to destabilize rigid definitions of race, gender,

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NIC Kay, 2009

NIC Kay, 2009 NIC Kay is from the Bronx, NY. They make performances and organize performative spaces with an un disciplined approach. Their approaches to space and objects are led by choreographic motivations and they engage with the body with a sculptural eye. NIC is concerned with the process of

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2008 Inaugural Cohort

Aisha Jordan, 2008

Aisha Jordan, 2008

Aisha Jordan, 2008 Aisha Jordan is an Actor, Writer, and Producer in new media with a B.A. from The New School and M.A. in Arts and Politics from NYU. She’s a Podcast Producer at Lifetime and A&E for I Love a Lifetime Movie, The Table is Ours, and Origins of

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Arun Storrs

Arun Storrs, 2008

Arun Storrs, 2008 Arun was five years old. She was cast as Wendy in her kindergarten’s production of Peter Pan and got to walk the plank off a boat built with furry blocks. Arun received a degree in Theater and Ethnicity, Race, and Migration at Yale, performing original works at

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Ashley Marinaccio

Ashley Marinaccio, 2008

Ashley Marinaccio, 2008 Ash Marinaccio (she/her) iscurrently a Ph.D. Candidate in Theatre and Performance at the CUNY GraduateCenter, writing a dissertation on nonfiction/documentary theatre-making inwar zones. She is a multidisciplinary documentarian working in theatre,photography, and film. Ash is the creator ofDocbloc (, which brings together documentary artists workingacross genres. Learn

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Beatrice Glow

Beatrice Glow, 2008

Beatrice Glow, 2008 Beatrice Glow (she/her) is an interdisciplinary and multisensory artist working in service of public history and just futures. Through diasporic and decolonial lens, she interrogates the visual languages of luxury and power derived through the exploitation of botanical life. Her solo exhibitions include Once the Smoke Clears,

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Branden Jacobs-Jenkins

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, 2008

Branden Jacobs-Jenkins, 2008 (and Invited Alumni Faculty, 2015–16) Creator, showrunner, writet, and executive producer Branden Jacobs-Jenkins debuts as TV creator of FX’s Kindred, a chilling adaptation of Octavia E. Butler’s seminal 1979 sci-fi novel. Previous TV roles include consulting producer on HBO’s Watchmen and Prime Video’s Outer Range. Considered one

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Clare Barron

Clare Barron, 2008

Clare Barron, 2008 Clare Barron is a playwright and performer from Wenatchee, Washington. Her plays include DANCE NATION, which was the recipient of the Susan Smith Blackburn Prize and the Relentless Award, and recently received its world premiere at Playwrights Horizons in New York City and the Almeida Theatre in

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Fernanda Coppel

Fernanda Coppel, 2008

Fernanda Coppel, 2008 Fernanda Coppel (she/her) is a Mexican/American playwright and screenwriter. Her play King Liz received its world premiere at Second Stage Theater in 2015. King Liz was published by Samuel French and has recently been optioned by ABC Signature and 42 for television. Fernanda will be penning the

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Frantz Jerome

Frantz Jerome, 2008

Frantz Jerome, 2008 An inaugural EMERGENYC cohort (2008) and 2050 Legacy ensemble member, Frantz Jerome collaborated with The Hemispheric Institute and participated in two Encuentros in São Paulo, Brazil (2013) and Montreal, Canada (2014). Frantz was invited to perform Spoken Word poetry by Harry Belafonte at The Interdependence Day Conference

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José Pérez IV

José Pérez IV, 2008

José Pérez IV, 2008 JOSÉ PÉREZ IV (he/him) is a fight choreographer, playwright, and actor. He is currently the Resident Fight Director of Pittsburgh Public Theater. His artistic focus is primarily creating original fight productions and facilitating processes that support mental health. Artistic Director of Big Storm Performance Company. MFA

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Kim Fischer

Kim Fischer, 2008

Kim Fischer, 2008 Kim is an actor based in Brooklyn, NY. Originally from Oakland, California, he’s been a lifelong performer, acting, dancing and drumming since before he can remember. After graduating from NYU Tisch and the Actors Theater of Louisville Apprentice program, he began pursuing a career as an actor,

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Leslie Guyton

Leslie Guyton, 2008

Leslie Guyton, 2008 Leslie Guytonis a dance and theater director based in Brooklyn, NY.  She’s the Co-Founder and Artistic Director of The MoveShop.  She choreographs, directs and teaches throughout the US and internationally. The MoveShop’s Racine D’or, toured the US in the fall of 2013 and was funded in part

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