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Ama Be

Ama BE, 2018

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Ama BE, 2018 Ama BE (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist exploring dimensions of embodiment through ritual-adjacent performance, digital and screen-based media, She probes porous distinctions… Read More »Ama BE, 2018


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Based in San Francisco and Puerto Rico, Prototipo works with leaders, change-makers, visionaries and the communities they serve, we design for a variety of outcomes… Read More »Prototipo

Anooj Bhandari

Anooj Bhandari, 2017

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Anooj Bhandari, 2017 Anooj is a community organizer and multi-disciplinary performance artist, combining curiosity around spaces of transition, waiting, conflict, contest, and unknown, with histories of… Read More »Anooj Bhandari, 2017


Júpiter, 2022

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Júpiter, 2022 Júpiter is a transdisciplinary artist, mother, social change agent, and educator from Puerto Rico. She is a neurodiverse non-binary femme whose practice includes… Read More »Júpiter, 2022