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C. Meranda Flachs-Surmanek

C. Meranda Flachs-Surmanek, 2018

C. Meranda Flachs-Surmanek (they/them) is a multidisciplinary artivist (theatre-maker, visual artist, poet and organizer) living between Virginia and New York. They are a 2022 MFA/MS Candidate in Theatre: Directing & Public Dialogue and Urban & Regional Planning at Virginia Tech. 2018-19: Artist-in-Residence at Queens Library with ProjectArt, Fellow at The Performance Project at University Settlement and Participant in Theater of Change: Artistry, Law, and Activism with Broadway Advocacy Coalition at Columbia Law School. From 2017-18, they participated in the Mitchell Art Gallery’s Artist-in-Residence program, The Art & Law Program, and the C4AA’s Art Action Academy.
IG @merandissime