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Aviya Hernstadt, 2022

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Aviya Hernstadt, 2022 Aviya is a New York-Jewish multidisciplinary performance artist working primarily in movement, autobiography, comedy, and sculptural installation. She deconstructs Jewish rituals, traditions,… Read More »Aviya Hernstadt, 2022

Maira Duarte

Maira Duarte, 2022

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Maira Duarte, 2022 Maira Duarte, a Mexican New York-based artist, educator, and organizer, champions non-hierarchical artistic exchange through Dance To The People (DTTP), an evolving… Read More »Maira Duarte, 2022

Jovon Outlaw

Jovon Outlaw, 2022

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Jovon Outlaw, 2022 Jovon Outlaw (they/he) is a Bronx-born and raised interdisciplinary artist. They specialize in cinematography, performance art, and writing. Jovon looks to reexamine… Read More »Jovon Outlaw, 2022