estrellx supernova, 2016

estrellx supernova (formerly randy reyes) is a queer, AfroGuatemalan creative director, choreographer, performance artist, and healer born and based on Lenape & Canarsie territories.  reyes is interested in choreography as a process of excavation, task as meditation, psychosomatic Qi Energetics, edging and incrementality, and getting messy by conjuring contemporary rituals within quotidian and natural landscapes. reyes explores the notion of club spaces as sites of generative dissonance and asks, “Are we celebrating or mourning or both? How do we prepare for the emergence of the not yet seen?” reyes is busy developing the infrastructure for a space called La Escuela de Corporealidad y Artes Sutiles (currently supported by Creative Capital) alongside annual programming, PLATAFORMA & Residencias Rhizomaticas. more info coming soon & will be available on their website and social media accounts below.
FB @randy.reyes.127
IG @princesa_randy_e_reyes