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Evan Simone Frazier, 2023

Evan Simone Frazier is an interdisciplinary artist from Long Island, NY. Evan is trained in Musical Theater and Meisner acting – her stage credits include Ragtime (Axelrod Theater), The Cake (The Philipstown Theater). In 2021, she received an MFAIA from Goddard College, where she developed a solo show Perfect.

In 2022, Evan became certified in Playback Theater with The Village Playback theater Company. Through Playback she has used storytelling to connect with communities and further understand what it means to be human. She continues to discover the power in storytelling through teaching writing workshops with Naked Angels Theater Company to children living in residential foster care.

Evan is also a yoga and meditation instructor. She approaches yoga as a vital tool for discovery, creativity and self-understanding. +

Instagrams: @evansimonef + @esfyoga