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Hunter Petree 2023

Hunter Petree, 2023

Hunter is a creator, performer, and writer making work about the foundational stories of whiteness and ‘America’. Hunter buildsalternate concurrent realities to satisfy humans’ innate ‘fourth drive’, or desire to alter consciousness. They believe experiential art is a biological imperative that is medicine for the individual and community, and is key to addressing the roots of oppression and white supremacy.

Hunter graduated with performance-related honors from Stanford University and Queen Mary University of London, writing an award winning dissertation about immersive performance. Their writing has been published in The Big Anxiety: Taking Care of Mental Health in Crisis, and Artistes-Chercheur·es, Chercheur·es-Artistes, Performer Les Knowledge.

They currently build fine art supports at Simon Liu Inc. Before that from 2017-2022, they worked as producer and writer with Lois Weaver and Peggy Shaw of Split Britches.
IG: @hunterpeeees