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Jaguar Mary X, 2022 Virtual

Jaguar Mary X is a glossolalia vocalist, ritual performance artist and mover, practicing since 1991, making work informed by queer and black feminist discourse, afro-futurisms, plant sentience and shamanism.Their films, video installations and performances have shown in festival and gallery settings globally. Their work was chosen for the Johannesburg Biennial in Capetown (1998) and the Havana Biennial in Cuba (2000). Other places their work has shown include the Museum of Modern Art, New Museum in New York and Karst Gallery in Plymouth, UK. Jaguar Mary X attended the Whitney Independent Studies Program in 1995 and completed MFA degrees at CalArts (Film/Video, 2009) and at Pratt Institute (Performance and Performance Studies, 2019) in Brooklyn. They identify as non-binary, agender. Originally from Washington, DC, they are currently in residence at the Art Life Institute founded by Linda Montano in Kingston, New York. They are the creator of the yearly Queerteenth Performance Art and Film Festival and recently, they were given the honor of City of Kingston’s Distinguished Artist Award for 2022-24.

IG @jaguarmaryx