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A woman sits on a theater floor, pointing at something or someone. Behind her full head of curly, dark hair, a green piece of paper reads "Nunca" (Never, in Spanish).

Jimena Navas, 2023 Virtual

Jimena Navas is a multidisciplinary human being. After ten years fighting the patriarchy and its institutions as a social worker in Argentina, she set out on a five-year journey of personal and professional deconstruction in the search for inner peace. From the rubble, her visual craft and the sovereignty to proclaim herself as an artist were born. Clown, improv, writing and collage have been her long-time companions. Music and dance her way of connecting with the divine. Today she lives in Tenerife, the island where her grandfather was born. She uses Mother Peace tarot and astrology to help women reclaim their own history. She believes in the political power of radical love, feminine spirituality and fairy tales. She is curious and likes to investigate new narratives in ancient mythology, especially those that teach how to descent to recover personal power.

IG: @jime.navas