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Júpiter, 2022 Virtual

Júpiter is a transdisciplinary artist, mother, social change agent, and educator from Puerto Rico. She is a neurodiverse non-binary femme whose practice includes performance, street theater, and puppetry.  Júpiter has worked with Circo de la Plaza, Taller Libertá, and BembaPR on political, cultural, artistic movements in the west of the Puerto Rican archipelago. She has worked in La Titeretada puppetry festival and facilitated workshops for diverse communities for the making of the Loisaida Festival Community Parade. Some of her independent performance work includes “Ioni,” an ode to the womb, life and death cycles; “COLONIA,” an exploration of a colonized body and voice; “Desde el entierro-Hasta sembrarme,” a piece created through a mentorship with Proyecto La Mujer Maravilla by Awilda Rodríguez Lora. Júpiter also works with Huerto Semilla, an occupied space/community food garden in Universidad de Puerto Rico Recinto de Río Piedras, for food sovereignty.