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Kelindah Bee

Kelindah Bee, 2021

Kelindah Bee is a draglesque artist known as Theydy Bedbug, and an educator and producer at BAX. They use caricature, lip sync, embodied movement, poetry and striptease to reclaim their body, queer the youth, unsettle gender and reckon with belonging. In 2019, they won the title of “Mx Brooklyn” in a local drag competition formerly known as Mr(s) Brooklyn. They facilitate an adult class at BAX, “Drag Performance: Between and Beyond Gender,” which focuses on drag as a transformative healing tool; they value spaces that welcome our whole grotesque, hairy, queer selves we’ve been conditioned to shrink. They believe that when we connect in performances that channel our authentic sexual expression liberated from gender norms, we make space for more ways of being: a pathway to new-world building.

IG @theydy.bedbug