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Lorena Pipa, 2023 Virtual

Lorena Pipa, 1989. Brazilian multimedia artist, graduated in Image and Sound Design at University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Works at the intersection of performance, video, photography, music, object and installation. Her works cross the boundaries between image and sound, generating sensorial relationships between body, space and technologies. Her research is managed in the encounter between matter and immateriality, pushing the limits of the visible, thinking about representation as a projection. She was a scholarship holder in the Programs: Formation and Deformation at the Parque Lage School of Visual Arts; Sonic Art Amplified by Oi Futuro and the British Council; and Poetic Immersions in the Imperial Palace, in Rio de Janeiro. She presented her works in different cities in Brazil, Argentina, Japan, Canada and Colombia, in exhibitions, residencies, shows and festivals, highlighting: Residência Entre Serras, Gamarra, MG (2022); Spellbound, Witch Institute, Ontario, Canada (2021); Estopim e Segredo, Parque Lage, RJ (2020); Lavra, Hélio Oiticica Cultural Center, RJ (2019); Flutuantes, Paço Imperial, RJ (2018); Nuit Blanche, MAC, Niterói (2017); Space Museum Residency, Tokyo, Japan (2016), Sinestesia, Michelangelo Gallery, Barranquilla, Colombia (2013); Satellite X, Latin American Hypermedia Center, Buenos Aires, Argentina (2011).