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nia love

nia love, Invited Artist Faculty (2022)

nia love a Black, indigenous, American woman, dancer, choreographer, diver, and mother, whose practice is anchored and immersed in maternal care, alchemy of blackness, embodied memory, and curiosity with the sea. Her approach is unruly and elegiac as she searches for wild, rowdy, and disobedient movement, wringing out the body of all its expressive capacities and building up something else: new scores of space and alternate routes of escape and feeling. love’s serial multimedia work g1(host):lostatsea (2015-present) investigates the ocean as a site of knowledge and memory, scrutinizing the “afterlife” of slavery and what remains of the Middle Passage as force, gesture, and affect. Continuing this body of work, her project UNDERcurrents had its first iteration at Bryn Mawr College, Bryn Mawr, PA (2021). It explores cosmological scales of the imaginaries of Black world-making and the cultural reverberations of the “door of no return,” inviting audiences to probe the seam between catastrophic history and quotidian memory and tend the textures of kinship bonds and generational care. ove is Co-Artistic Advisor of Brooklyn Arts Exchange Artist-In-Residence Program and Artistic Advisor of New York Live Arts’ Fresh Tracks Residency & Performance program.