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2023 Flagship Program

Adin Lenahan

Adin Lenahan, 2023 Flagship

Adin Lenahan, 2023   Adin Lenahan (they/them) is a writer and performer. Adin makes art about losers, the kinds of people who can’t even pull it together to make themselves look cool on Instagram, but whose depth of experience could fill a million feeds and timelines. Their work has been

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Alice Anonymous

Alice Anonymous, 2023 Flagship

Alice Anonymous, 2023 Alice Anonymous is a New York City-based multi-disciplinary human and Internet-user. Anonymous first began working in video and performance at Wellesley College, using the mainstays of contemporary “feminist” art practices to dissect the visual processes of mercy and power. Synthesizing poetry’s immaterial quality with performance and video, 

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Ana Anu

Ana Anu, 2023 Flagship

Ana Anu, 2023 Ana Anu (She/They) is an author and multi-media artist. Their work, centering eco feminism, has manifested in two books of poetry and a portfolio of installations across mediums. Anu’s work has collected in exhibitions, installations and public performances internationally. Their background in Environmental Consulting closely informs their

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Brynne O’Rourke, 2023 Flagship

Brynne O’Rourke, 2023 Brynne O’Rourke (they/them) is a white, transfemme director, theatre practitioner, teaching artist and poet. As a theatre practitioner, Brynne commits themself to stories that challenge and expand definitions of performance in ways that uplift the project of liberation and support the development of critical consciousness and action.

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Christopher Bisram

Chris Bisram, 2023 Flagship

Chris Bisram, 2023 Chris Bisram is an Indo-Caribbean Multidisciplinary Artist with a primary focus in dance and theater. Bisram completed a work-study and summer intensive at Greenspace, a dance studio in Queens. They have performed in the Fertile Ground Showcase at Greenspace, and City of Forest Day, hosted by IDig2Learn,

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Evan Frazier, 2023 Flagship

Evan Simone Frazier, 2023 Evan Simone Frazier is an interdisciplinary artist from Long Island, NY. Evan is trained in Musical Theater and Meisner acting – her stage credits include Ragtime (Axelrod Theater), The Cake (The Philipstown Theater). In 2021, she received an MFAIA from Goddard College, where she developed a

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Hunter Petree 2023

Hunter Petree, 2023 Flagship

laura Hunter petree, 2023 Hunter is a creator, performer, and writer making work about the foundational stories of whiteness and ‘America’. Hunter builds alternate concurrent realities to satisfy humans’ innate ‘fourth drive’, or desire to alter consciousness. Hunter graduated with performance-related honors from Stanford University and Queen Mary University of

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Katherine Bahena-Benitez

Katherine Bahena-Benítez, 2023 Flagship

Katherine Bahena-Benítez, 2023 Katherine Bahena-Benitez (They/Them/Elle) is a Queer Mexican Indigenous actor, poet, dancer, stage manager and model. Katherine is bicoastal with New York and California. Katherine studied at CSUS and has had the pleasure of performing and training with the American Conservatory Theater, 24 Hour Plays, the Eugene O’Neill

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Kelsey Sky

Kelsey Sky, 2023 Flagship

Kelsey Sky, 2023 Kelsey Sky (she/her) is an interdisciplinary artist, a public school teacher in training, and a cultural anthropology Ph.D. candidate at The Graduate Center of the City University of New York. Across all her endeavors, Kelsey’s work is inspired by Sylvia Wynter’s call for a “re-enchanted humanism” and

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Kristen Holfeuer, 2023 Flagship

Kristen Holfeur, 2023 Kristen Holfeuer is an actor and director from Saskatchewan now based in Brooklyn. She is pursuing her PhD in Performance Studies at NYU. Her theatrical practice includes dynamic physical vocabularies, political and social satire, and is concerned with themes of friendship, devotion, and ecological justice.

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Kristian Sorensen, 2023 Flagship

Kristian Sorensen, 2023 Kristian Sorensen is a queer multi-hyphenate from Southern California pursuing artistic work that holds space for critical dialogue and action incubation, while maintaining a deep commitment to embodied playfulness. Kristian teaches theatre and devising workshops with young people all over NYC, writes poetry and plays, mixes music,

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Madison O'Halloran

Madi O’Halloran, 2023 Flagship

Madi O’Halloran, 2023 Madi O’Halloran (she/they), hails from Morningside Heights, New York City, Lenape Land. A movement practitioner, performer, researcher, abolitionist feminist, and witch, Madi understands dance to be a powerful tool for imagining and gesturing toward liberatory futures based in mutual care, pleasure, and curiosity. Their practice is grounded

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Mikah Baumrin-Daniels

Mikah Baumrin-Daniels, 2023 Flagship

Mikah Baumrin-Daniels, 2023 Mikah Baumrin-Daniels (she/they) is an interdisciplinary artist with a focus in dance and performance. Their practice leans towards somatic and emotional movements while navigating humor and illusions in the diasporic and mundane. Their work is centered in collaboration, connection, and searches for the pleasures to be found

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miscelvnea, 2023 Flagship

miscelvnea, 2023 miscelvnea (they/she, it) (elle, elli/ellu) is a Boriké-born multimedia and interdisciplinary artist whose work mainly integrates image, text, performance and spirituality informed by an academic background in History, Caribbean and Gender studies. Mother and collaborator to Haus of Vanguardia, a collective of queer artists striving for the liberation

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Néstor Pérez-Molière

Néstor Pérez-Molière, 2023 Flagship

Néstor Pérez-Molière, 2023 Néstor Pérez-Molière was born and raised in San Juan, Puerto Rico, currently residing in The Bronx. His art entails a process of self-discovery; a series of confessionals revealing private conflicts; hoping towards catharsis. Through this cathartic process he hopes to connect with the viewer’s struggles and depathologize

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Resham Mantri, 2023 Flagship

Resham Mantri, 2023 Resham Mantri is a queer, first generation Indian-American interdisciplinary artist, writer, death doula and single co-parent seeking liberation and pleasure through practicing vulnerability, exploring lineage, dismantling socialized notions of self, and deathwork. They explore these ideas across mediums including installations, essays, photos, podcasting, Instagram, written interviews, vintage

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Robert Gibbons

Robert Anthony Gibbons, 2023 Flagship

Robert Anthony Gibbons, 2023 Robert Anthony Gibbons is author of Close to the Tree” (Three Rooms Press, 2012) and “Flight” (Poets Wear Prada, 2019). He was nominated for the Pushcart in 2022 by Great Weather for Media for his poem, ” a self taught genius.” He has been published in

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Samira Mendoza, 2023 Flagship

Samira Mendoza, 2023 Samira Mendoza is a transdisciplinary performance artist, visual artist, curator, and educator based in Brooklyn. Their work centers improvisation through different mediums including sound, sculpture, organizing, and movement to investigate oppressive systems, familial history in Latin America and the Caribbean, and my personal experiences growing up in

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Star Mitchell 2023

Star Mitchell, 2023 Flagship

Star Mitchell, 2023 Star Mitchell is a Celestial force descended from the sun and the moon’s love. A Brooklyn based artist using natural elements to connect to their ancestors and rebuild narratives that provide a gentle approach to healing.   Star uses movement/multimedia as a further expression of our inner being.

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Wow Quisqueya

Wow Quisqueya, 2023 Flagship

Wow Quisqueya, 2023 Wow Quisqueya (they/them) is a Brooklyn born and bred multidimensional artist who specializes in making their most intimate feelings and hardships less scary. Their visual art is often colorful and texturized and aligned or accompanied by poetry, thoughts and/or sounds. They are a Peer Leader at Recess

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2023 Virtual Program "Analog Bodies and Virtual Activations"


Dragonfly, 2023 Virtual

Dragonfly (Robin LaVerne Wilson), 2023 Virtual Dragonfly is also Robin LaVerne Wilson [and alter ego Miss Justice Jester]–multidisciplinary conceptual trickster artist who alchemizes spectacle, ritual, text, visuals, music and activism to educate, [re]create and [re]store the human archive. I also vacillate between first- and third-person in my bio and accept

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Inés de Arce, 2023 Virtual

Inés de Arce, 2023 Virtual Inés de Arce (she/her, ella) is a Spanish-Argentinian actress and creator based in Madrid, Spain. With a long experience in theater, Inés is now looking to examine the ways in which her identities as an Andalusian, bisexual woman who’s the daughter of an immigrant can

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A woman sits on a theater floor, pointing at something or someone. Behind her full head of curly, dark hair, a green piece of paper reads "Nunca" (Never, in Spanish).

Jimena Navas, 2023 Virtual

Jimena Navas, 2023 Virtual Jimena Navas is a multidisciplinary human being. After ten years fighting the patriarchy and its institutions as a social worker in Argentina, she set out on a five-year journey of personal and professional deconstruction in the search for inner peace. From the rubble, her visual craft

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Karley Wasaff, 2023 Virtual

Karley Wasaff, 2023 Virtual Karley Wasaff is a non-binary and pansexual movement artist based in NYC. Karley’s current choreography incorporates compositional improvisation scores to evoke the spontaneity of genuine un-adulterated human interaction. Karley views this process as a way to bring radical awareness to Karley’s identity: gender binary and choreography

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Larissa Jeanniton, 2023 Virtual

Larissa Jeanniton, 2023 Virtual Larissa is a Haitian American, 27-year-old Taurus with a heart and soul for political theater. Her acting and directing career has taken her to several theaters in NYC, Thailand, Switzerland, and several UN conferences. Her work primarily focuses on the liberation of thought from the many

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Leah Shelley

Leah Shelley, 2023 Virtual

Leah Shelley, 2023 Virtual Leah Shelley is a performance artist and writer based in Wisconsin. They are currently interested in the magic of brief imperfections. They are also interested in turning an eye onto what they are afraid of (whiteness, gender non-conformity) and trying to (or trying not to) tell

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Lorena Pipa, 2023 Virtual

Lorena Pipa, 2023 Virtual Lorena Pipa is a Brazilian multimedia artist who studied Image and Sound Design at University of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She works at the intersection of performance, video, photography, music, object, and installation. Her work crosses the boundaries between image and sound, generating sensorial relationships between body,

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Lucy Phillips, 2023 Virtual

Lucy Phillips, 2023 Virtual I am a grieving person, by default I am an artist. Searching for my own autonomy in images and websites and machines that create and tell me who I am. How do I pull apart from it? I am an artist. I test how we commodify

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Manuel Lopez, 2023 Virtual

Manuel Lopez, 2023 Virtual From far Far Rockaway to the Catskill Mountains, Manuel E. “Manny” Lopez is fluttering about blossoms not only of his/their own hand-aided germination, but amidst daffodils and daisies dug down deep by schoolkids of the Manhattan Country School. Before the ides of March when we found

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Mario Lamothe

Mario Lamothe, 2023 Virtual

Mario Lamothe, 2023 Virtual Mario LaMothe is a Haitian-American performance artist, curator, and scholar. He was a 2021-22 Links Hall Co-Mission resident (Chicago) and a 2022 emerging choreographer in the Atlas program in Vienna’s ImPulsTanz International Dance Festival. His curations and performances have been hosted and funded by Duke University,

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Nrzagaray, 2023 Virtual

Nrzagaray, 2023 Virtual Nrzagaray (Culiacán, Sinaloa, 1998) is a multi-disciplinary artist and Audio Visual Arts and Communication student at Instituto Tecnológico de Estudios Superiores de Occidente, Jalisco, México. His artistic development is born from the necessity to explore his identity, the wounds that cross him and his relation to others.

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Pati Cruz Martinez

Pati Cruz Martínez, 2023 Virtual

Pati Cruz Martínez, 2023 Virtual Born cuir (queer) and brought up catholic in the colonized archipelago of Borikén (Puerto Rico). The catholic slowly disappeared, the cuir stuck around. Spent a few years in New York (Bachelor of Arts at Vassar College, 2008-2012), then another few years in Cuba (Film Directing

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Saul Villegas, 2023 Virtual

Saul Villegas (The Sun), 2023 Virtual Saul Villegas (The Sun) is a First-Year MFA student in the Future Stages cohort in the Digital Arts & New Media program at UCSC. Using art to create a revolving system from the mental, physical, and virtual environment, he invites people to participate in

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Sól Casique

Sól Casique, 2023 Virtual

Sól Casique, 2023 Virtual Sól Casique (they/elle) is an undocumented Venezuelan and Colombian creative living in D.C. on Piscataway Conoy Lands. They come to Emerge through a joint residency with House of Alegría. They exist within the gender fckery and immortality of fungi and lichen and the interconnectedness of celestial

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Sophia Heinecke 2023 Virtual

Sophia Valera Heinecke, 2023 Virtual

Sophia Valera Heinecke, 2023 Virtual Sophia Valera Heinecke (she/her) is a writer for the screen and stage as well as a dramaturg, archivist, and creative consultant. Her play Trash Lord: Renovation is a semi-finalist for the 2023 National Playwrights Conference at the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center. While she is a very

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