2022 Flagship Program

Autumn Newcomb, 2022

Autumn Newcomb is a funkadelic multidisciplinary artist based in Brooklyn, NY. She is a radical joy resister, a modern day dadaist, and a proud, queer, Mexican American. She uses color, humor and optimism to fight the power and promote self love through a variety of mediums including illustration, video, performance, soft-sculpture, and glass. She learned and earned her BFA from Alfred University School of Art and Design. She has shown at BRIC Arts, The Dimenna Center for Classical Music, Fashion Institute of Technology, and The Brooklyn Clay Tour.
IG: @autumnnewcombart

Aviya Hernstadt, 2022

Aviya is a New York-Jewish multidisciplinary performance artist working primarily in movement, autobiography, comedy, and sculptural installation. She deconstructs Jewish rituals, traditions, and stories in hopes to dig out their contemporary, diasporic, queer, apocalypse-surviving, and anti-racist contexts. She has performed in collaboration with Carmen Caceres DanceAction, Yehuda Hyman’s Mystical Feet Company, and The New Shul. Her recent works include “Are my tears disturbing you?”, a dance theater piece choreographed for the New Shul’s High Holidays services, and “Gelilah,” a multidisciplinary performance piece exploring religious pageantry made in collaboration with sculptor Madeline Coven. In 2021, she spent 6 weeks as an artist-in-residence at The Sable Project in Vermont. 

IG: @aviyarrh

Catherine Chen, 2022

Catherine Chen is a poet and performer living in Brooklyn. They are the author of the chapbook Manifesto, or: Hysteria (Big Lucks, 2019) and the forthcoming full-length collection Beautiful Machine Woman Language (Noemi Press, 2023). They have been awarded fellowships and residencies from Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Theater Mitu, Poets House, and Lambda Literary.

IG: @aluutte

Cristina Bartley Domínguez, 2022

Cristina is a Mexican-American multidisciplinary artist based in New York. Her practice centers on the reconstruction of myths into icons of progress through the unraveling of memory and movement to negotiate the relationship between the US and Mexico. She uses movement and world-building as a way to activate history and unpack tensions between opposing cultures; commenting on the intertwining of tradition, change, and search for origin.

IG: @cristinabartleydominguez


Josiah Vasquez, 2022

Josiah Vasquez (he/they) is an alum of Tufts University’s Class of 2020, having graduated with a Bachelor’s in Drama with a minor in Music. As a Bronx-born, non-binary, and Afro-Latinx performer, Josiah specializes in theatrical performance (having credits from Columbia University and Prospect Theatre Company), but has also dabbled in modeling– most notably as one of Clinique’s models for their “My Top 3” campaign. Moving forward, Josiah hopes to continue to meld his love for art and activism and to pursue work that challenges how we were taught the world should be.

Follow Josiah’s artistic journey on IG @jahosah

Jovon Outlaw, 2022

Jovon Outlaw (they/he) is a Bronx-born and raised interdisciplinary artist. They specialize in cinematography, performance art, and writing. Jovon looks to reexamine generational traumas through a comedic lens, adding video and lo-fi technology to the stage. Jovon’s films have appeared at SXSW and Jacob Burns Film Center. Jovon uses theatrical clowning, improvisation, and movement to build a world on stage. In 2017, Jovon was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. As an artist with an invisible disability, they look to disavow the notion of “You don’t look sick,” and hope to bring empathy and levity through emotional vulnerability. Jovon wants to get rid of the idea that the only way to be an artist is to be a suffering artist.

IG: @jovonoutlaw

kc jackperson, 2022

kc jackperson is a dance and movement artist in new york city. for kc dance is a means of communication and a tool for intervention in social practice. their work is a conversation in movement which explores themes of identity, belonging/unbelonging, community, and the expansion of binaries. working in multiple dance and movements styles, kc strives to uncover the universal in the specific.



Maira Duarte, 2022

Maira Duarte, a Mexican New York-based artist, educator, and organizer, champions non-hierarchical artistic exchange through Dance To The People (DTTP), an evolving collective created in 2015. DTTP has created choreographed pieces and organized community forums, workshops, public practices, environmental movement research, and performance parties, all donation-based and open to the public. Recent DTTP work has involved the development of public and participatory practices, called Trash Outings, as well as multiple choreographed street performances around trash and discarded materials. Other DTTP work includes Papalotl Muyus, a protest dance film in solidarity with migrant families at the border, made in collaboration with Semillas Collective and Mayday Space. Maira is part of the community project Escuelita Arrecifes, located in a marginalized neighborhood of Tulum, Mexico, where she has implemented several dance and environmental education programs. She also co-runs The Woods, a low-cost rehearsal and performance space in Ridgewood, Queens.

IG: @dttp.nyc

Mobéy Lola Irizarry, 2022

Mobéy Lola Irizarry (they/them) is a genderqueer composer, improviser, multi-instrumentalist, and transdisciplinary artist. Based in Brooklyn, they hail from the Puerto Rican diaspora in Hartford, CT, and are a citizen of the Chickasaw Nation. They make within the lineages of decolonial uprisings, collections of tiny mirrors at queer clubs, and the precolonial languages of the drum and the braid.

IG: @lola.machine

Naisha Solomon, 2022

Naisha Solomon is a Trinbagonian singer-songwriter, sonic archivist and Caribbean scholar living and working in Brooklyn as a Community Organizer. Her practice explores Afro-Caribbean music genres, dance, storytelling and other modes of performance in relation to colonial resistance. Her motivation to emancipate the unheard or concealed has catalysed her passion for studying, reimagining and rewriting Caribbean female slave narratives. With Caribbean oral histories and folklore in the biology of her concepts, she is encouraged by characters like the La Diablesse and Soucouyant and is convinced their stories are rooted in reality. Intent on decoding their messages, she hopes to create works that dance as seamlessly as they do along the intersection of magic, femininity, joy, horror, beauty, strength, humour and truth. Naisha earned an MA in Art, Education & Community Practice (2020) from New York University. Her recent releases include single “Cahneeval Done,” featured on The Island Project.

IG: @badman.nai

Honey Bundy / Parker White, 2022

Honey Bundy/Parker White (he/him) is a genderqueer trans man and drag artist based in NYC. Originally from Pittsburgh, Honey has only recently started his drag journey, but has been a lifelong multidisciplinary artist who draws inspiration from all corners of life. Horror, camp, occultism, bimboism, gender, and sexuality are all core fragments of Honey’s persona; he aims to combine the uncombinable, explore the grey areas of life, and co-exist with many truths at once. As someone who has struggled immensely with mental health, Honey uses drag as radical medicine to not only heal himself, but also to help others heal as well. Currently, he is working on his BFA in Film and Screen Studies at Pace University, and has performed at venues in Manhattan and Brooklyn.

222 : 444 : 888

IG: @h0neybundy

Yali Romagoza, 2022

Yali Romagoza is a Cuban-born artist whose interdisciplinary work discusses migration issues and the effects of political trauma on the individual. Through her alter-ego Cuquita The Cuban Doll, she approaches identity, power, and Latinx feminism. Romagoza graduated with an MFA in Fashion from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago and a BA in Art History from Havana University. Her works have been presented at the Art and Social Activism Festival, NY; The Immigrant Artist Biennial, NY. Romagoza has performed at Links Hall Theater, Chicago; Teatro LATEA, NY; Art in Odd Places, NY; Southeastern Center for Contemporary Art, NC; Grace Exhibition Space, NY. She has been granted awards and residencies, including Cátedra Arte de Conducta by Tania Bruguera, La Habana, Bétonsalon Centre d’ art et de recherche, Paris; NYFA Immigrant Artist Mentoring Program, NY; Creative Capital NYC Taller, NY; Franklin Furnace Fund, SVA Artist Residency Project, NY.

IG: @cuquitathecubandoll 

2022 Virtual Program "Analog Bodies and Virtual Activations"

Aitor Gil Flores, 2022

Aitor Gil Flores (he/she/they) is a non-binary person currently finding their way and and place in the world. A young stylist, tattoo artist, and illustrator based in Barcelona, Aitor is developing his path as an artist, which began during childhood through acting and visual arts. Aitor is currently training at the Open University of Catalonia, where she has begun to experiment more with her body through performing and performance art. 

IG: @arquerxdefuego @the_archer_studio

Alexa Vasquez, 2022

Alexa Vasquez is a Pisces, a writer and artist from Oaxacalifornia. Her visual artworks are inspired by her birthplace, Oaxaca. She comes to Emerge through a joint residency with House of Alegría. Her writings are memories of growing up in an immigrant household, leaving home, transitioning and surviving trans womanhood. Alexa, a Voices of Our National Arts alumni, has been published as part of CultureStrike’s Home in Time of Displacement (2014) and Pariahs: Writing Outside the Margins (2016). She is currently one of 41 contributors in Harper Collins’ (2022), Some Where We Are Human, edited by Sonia Guiñansaca and Reyna Grande. Her visual piece, Cisnes En La Montaña, was part of TransLash’s Zine: Migration Stories. Alexa Vasquez graduated from Santa Ana Community College in 2020 with a degree in Fashion Design. Alexa lives in Corona, California with her husband, Ismael, and their four cats: Max, Mushu, Sully and Melon.

IG: @migrant_cisne

Arantxa Araujo, 2017, 2022-Virtual

Arantxa Araujo is a Mexican artist with a background in neuroscience. Her work is essentially multidisciplinary, feminist, meditative and rooted in bio-behavioral research and technology. Her work has been shown in the Brooklyn Museum, at the Radical Women LatinAmerican Art Exhibit, Leslie-Lohman Museum, Grace Exhibition Space, The Queens Museum (NYC); RAW and Satellite Art Fair (Miami); Illuminus Festival (Boston), and SPACE Gallery (Pittsburgh); ExTeresaArte Actual Museum, and La Explanada del MUAC (Mexico); and Nuit Blanche Festival (Canada). Araujo is a Franklin Furnace Fund awardee, BAC and LMCC grantee and has received support through numerous residencies and fellowships including Leslie-Lohman Museum Artist Fellowship, Creative Capital taller, ITP Camp and EMERGENYC (flagship program 2017). Araujo was awarded a full scholarship from Mexican Government Institution CONACYT. She holds an MA in Motor Learning and Control from Teachers College, Columbia University and a BA in Theater Studies from Emerson College.

IG: @ArantxaAraujo

Ching-In Chen, 2022

Ching-In Chen is a genderqueer Chinese American hybrid writer, community organizer and teacher. They are author of The Heart’s Traffic and recombinant (winner of the 2018 Lambda Literary Award for Transgender Poetry) as well as the chapbooks to make black paper sing and Kundiman for Kin :: Information Retrieval for Monsters (Finalist for the Leslie Scalapino Award). Chen is also co-editor of The Revolution Starts at Home: Confronting Intimate Violence Within Activist Communities and Here Is a Pen: an Anthology of West Coast Kundiman Poets. They have received fellowships from Kundiman, Lambda, Watering Hole, Can Serrat, Imagining America, Jack Straw Cultural Center and the Intercultural Leadership Institute. They have worked in Asian American communities in San Francisco, Oakland, Riverside, Boston, Milwaukee, Houston and Seattle and are currently part of the organizing core for Massage Parlor Outreach Project. They are descended from ocean dwellers.

IG: @chinginchen

Dimple Shah, 2022

Dimple Shah is a transdisciplinary performance and printmaking artist from Bangalore, India. Her work grapples with humanitarian concerns, equality, justice reaction, and emotive responses borne out of her first-hand experiences of religious communal riots and clashes, women’s safety issues, suppressions, and ecological and environmental concerns in growing and developing cities in India. Dimple has been honoured with national & international awards, among them the Commonwealth Arts & Crafts Award, UK; National Award, Govt. of India; First Gold Prix in 7th Engraving Biennale, Versailles; IFA Grant; and Junior Fellowship from Govt. of India. She has performed in performance festivals and biennales in Berlin, Manchester, Wakefield, Amsterdam Munich, Gothenburg, Zurich, Paris, Lagos, Colombo, Dhaka and in several cities in India. She has curated performance festivals like KIPAF 2016, JAS summit 2021 and 2017, and Basavanagudi Live Art Project 2014.

IG: @dimplebshah
FB: @dimplebs
Twitter: @dimplebshah8

Dora Selva, 2022

Dora Selva is an interdisciplinary artist based in Rio de Janeiro. With Brazilian and Honduran descent, works with dance, performance and visual arts. Dora is also the creator of the Viva Pelve project, a multifaceted that involves workshops, regular practices, artistic processes, sound research and content creation.

IG: @doraselva

Ikpemesi O, 2022

Ikpemesi O (she/her/hers) is a Nigerian-American musician, artist and performer. She loves exploring the world through vocal music, poetry and spoken word. A community builder to the core, her art explores the human experience through the lens of finding joy in the little things while critically examining the world around her towards the goal of creating empathy and highlighting our shared human experience. She has a BA in Voice Performance from Albion College. Currently, she is working as a freelance singer and artist since wrapping up a Master of Music Performance in Voice at Bowling Green State University in April. For performance inquiries please reach out to her on Instagram.

IG: @ikpemesio
YouTube: Ikpemesi O


Ivonne Navas Domínguez, 2022

Ivonne is a multidisciplinary artist from Cali, Colombia, based in Mexico since 2010. She uses performance as a vehicle to create experiences that question our human existence, reflecting on being present, and on the endurance and vulnerability of our nature. Her Experimental Creation Laboratories—which include videoperformance, video installation, experimental video with mobile devices and collective mapping with various communities—have been presented internationally in museums, cultural centers, universities, and festivals. She holds a BFA in Visual Arts from Universidad del Valle and an MFA in Visual Arts and Urban Arts from the UNAM.

IG: @ivonnenavas7

Jaguar Mary X, 2022

Jaguar Mary X is a glossolalia vocalist, ritual performance artist and mover, practicing since 1991, making work informed by queer and black feminist discourse, afro-futurisms, plant sentience and shamanism.Their films, video installations and performances have shown in festival and gallery settings globally. Their work was chosen for the Johannesburg Biennial in Capetown (1998) and the Havana Biennial in Cuba (2000). Other places their work has shown include the Museum of Modern Art, New Museum in New York and Karst Gallery in Plymouth, UK. Jaguar Mary X attended the Whitney Independent Studies Program in 1995 and completed MFA degrees at CalArts (Film/Video, 2009) and at Pratt Institute (Performance and Performance Studies, 2019) in Brooklyn. They identify as non-binary, agender. Originally from Washington, DC, they are currently in residence at the Art Life Institute founded by Linda Montano in Kingston, New York. They are the creator of the yearly Queerteenth Performance Art and Film Festival and recently, they were given the honor of City of Kingston’s Distinguished Artist Award for 2022-24.

IG: @jaguarmaryx

Júpiter, 2022

Júpiter is a transdisciplinary artist, mother, social change agent, and educator from Puerto Rico. She is a neurodiverse non-binary femme whose practice includes performance, street theater, and puppetry.  Júpiter has worked with Circo de la Plaza, Taller Libertá, and BembaPR on political, cultural, artistic movements in the west of the Puerto Rican archipelago. She has worked in La Titeretada puppetry festival and facilitated workshops for diverse communities for the making of the Loisaida Festival Community Parade. Some of her independent performance work includes “Ioni,” an ode to the womb, life and death cycles; “COLONIA,” an exploration of a colonized body and voice; “Desde el entierro-Hasta sembrarme,” a piece created through a mentorship with Proyecto La Mujer Maravilla by Awilda Rodríguez Lora. Júpiter also works with Huerto Semilla, an occupied space/community food garden in Universidad de Puerto Rico Recinto de Río Piedras, for food sovereignty.

Marilou Mariko Carrera, 2022

Marilou Mariko Carrera (they/siya*/she) is a queer Filipinx-Japanese cultural worker participating from the area called Chicago on Odawa, Ojibwe, and Potawatomi lands. As an emerging artist with roots in health, organizing, and advocacy, Marilou Mariko is finally comfortable in the home they call body. While exploring personal and collective power as healing, they continue to unlearn assimilation lies, relearn decolonized truths, and learn from family, community, plant, and animal friends to better understand the legacies they have inherited. It is lifelong reclamation work done with words, body, food, textile, sculpture, flipcharts, and community to connect curiosities, histories, stories, and futures.

*Siya does not translate to English use the way “they” and “she” do, but please know it is a gender-neutral pronoun from the Philippines.

 IG: @marilou_is_mariko

Monet Clark, 2022

Monet Clark is an eco-feminist and performance based video and photographic artist, curator, and professional psychic. Her wryly humorous performance characters and costumes are inspired by subculture, pop-culture, superheroes, marginalized groups, history, and more. Her works address sexual stereotypes, objectification, cultural taboos, ritual, and nature’s sentience, and draw upon her experience with disability and enviromental illness. They examine connections between misogyny, domination and mistrust of nature, disrespect of animals, and climate change. Monet sees her work in the art-world and as an intuitive, both as countering to patriarchal cultural biases. She was born and raised in Los Angeles and then Northern California in a mixed-race family, and was educated at San Francisco State University and the San Francisco Art Institute, where she earned her BFA. She exhibits internationally.
IG: @monetclark
FB: @monetclark2

Nina Terra, 2022

Nina Terra is a Brazilian artist-therapist who lives in the city of Paraty, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. After earning a degree in psychology, she studied dance technique with Angel Vianna, and specializes in Pedagogy of Cooperation and Collaborative Methodologies. Nina is the creator of such practices as Corpo Oráculo, Corpo Potência Criativa, and DANÇA-RITO, and she has been singing and practicing the body-voice connection for the past 11 years. She is a body trainer, a yoga instruction, and conducts individual consultations in which she facilitates experiences of connection, awareness and expansion. She develops relational and ritual art performances relating to the state of flow, the body-voice, and the present moment.

IG: @nina_terra

Raquel Karro, 2022

Raquel Karro is an actress, director, choreographer, teacher of performing arts, pilates instructor and former trapeze artist. She graduated in dance from Faculdade Angel Vianna and in circus from Escola Nacional de Circo, both in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Her trajectory in the arts is marked by the crossings and entanglements between theater, dance, audio-visual and circus arts. Raquel stars in Julia Murat’s feature film Pendular, best film (FIPRESCI) at the Berlin Festival (2017), and La Chancha by Franco Verdoia, an Argentina/Brazil co-production. She is a master’s student at the Artes da Cena program at UFRJ, with research focused on the desired crossings between theater and performance, specifically on the work of the actress and the actor.

IG: @raquelkarro

Rosina Ivanova, 2022

Rosina Ivanova works in community art, public art, ecological actions, performance art, and experimental writing. She holds an MFA from the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (Norway) and a Master in Creative Practice from the Transart Institute (Berlin/New York) via the Community Scholarship. In 2017, the Norwegian Council for the Arts supported her return to Athens with the Guerrilla Optimists—a street performance group she has collaborated with since 2007—to ‘blow air’ in front of the Greek Parliament. She writes from lived experiences of sounds and spaces, without fixed destinations, to create manifestos, poetic texts, calls to actions, and press releases, which become the documentation for her performative work. Originally from Bulgaria, and later based in Greece, Rosina currently lives in Trondheim, Norway.

Link: Against Love, Against My Body, Against Ignorance 

viento izquierdo ugaz, 2022

viento izquierdo ugaz is a multidisciplinary artist, cultural organizer, educator & language justice worker based between Lima & New York. Through poetry, photography, thread & moving image, they consider the effect of migration on the visual language of their lineage, and how this lexicon permeates their queer & trans chosen family archive. They are the founder of Cabritas Resistiendo, a Peru-based virtual festival, co-organizer of BODYHACK, a NY/global mutual aid happy hour for trans & non-binary people, and co-founder of rogueTHEIF, an upcycled denim brand/performative gesture seeking to poke holes in capitalist modes of exchange. viento is a current Leslie Lohman Museum Fellow whose work has appeared in El Museo del Barrio, A.I.R, The Poetry Project, Brooklyn Academy of Music, & Lambda Literary; their first chapbook is Estoy Tristeza (No Dear, 2018).

IG: @huacatayy
@cabritasresistiendo @roguetheif @_bodyhack_