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Priscilla Marrero

Priscilla Marrero, Invited Artist Faculty (2022-23)

Priscilla Marrero is an experimental performing + teaching artista from sunny Seminole, Taíno and Tequesta land, also known as Miami, Florida. She is a passionate storyteller and loves to discover new ways to collaborate with interdisciplinary artistas through live performance or filmmaking. She is currently focused on researching/creating La Pelvis Project, while getting her MFA Experimental Choreography program at the University of California Riverside. What the potential of our bodies can be when all our parts are connected and aligned with compassion, awareness, and spiritual embodiment? What happens when La Pelvis discovers its wisdom? How can we access this space in our bodies on a daily basis? Priscilla is inspired by breathwork, somatic practice, Afro-Latinx dance forms, improvisation, contemporary dance, el mar, community building, meditation, and interdisciplinary healing modalities.
IG: priscilla_performance_artista