Samantha Galarza, 2012

Samantha Galarza is a queer, Puerto Rican, SAG-AFTRA actress, writer, performance artist, educator, and director. Her work explores queer identity, internalized and systemic anti-black racism, generational trauma, migration, gender-based violence, substance abuse, and policies that disproportionately affect marginalized communities. Ultimately a storyteller, her dream is to bridge the gap between mainstream media and progressive “de-colonial” political art. Her work has been published in award winning anthologies and she’s performed throughout the U.S. and internationally. Sam is co-founder of the femme/queer/Latinx centered podcast Latinas en Queerantine, co-founder of the queer performance art collective A Beautiful Desperation, and proud Alternate Roots member.
IG @latinas_en_queerantine