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Saul Villegas (The Sun), 2023 Virtual

Saul Villegas (The Sun) is a First-Year MFA student in the Future Stages cohort in the Digital Arts & New Media program at UCSC. Using art to create a revolving system from the mental, physical, and virtual environment, he invites people to participate in the viewer experience through digital mixed-media works. His practice seeks to use the virtual creative space to reimagine archives and extend a stream of consciousness to memories that helped inspire his work. Using AI and editing tools, he builds scenes with projections that mirror perception in altered states—alluding to traumatic events in his life. This virtual world-building portfolio stems from virtual work incited by OpenLab. Most recently, his work with the E.A.R.T.H. Lab SF inspired him to personify the element of fire in which his portrayal of The Sun has emerged in a Walking Tour & Happening at the San Francisco Public Library, where he read his poem “Rayos” as an experimental art performance.
IG: @modernoartist
Tik Tok: @modernobysaulvillegas